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  1. It's always a good day to be alive.

  2. Learned a new-to-me sport called Hurling.

  3. At first it was a dare for a couple of friends. They were thinking of getting married and they knew that I was a part-time theologist. (I've found that the best way to know some one is to learn about their religion) I told them that I heard about a place that would ordain people over the internet and they said they would only do the wedding if some one like me were the minister. So, I got online and found the ULC and became ordained. The next time I saw them, I showed them my credentials and they almost freaked. Shortly after that we had planned the wedding. I had just donated my hair to locks-of-love so I was completely bald. I took out my piercings and did the wedding. Since then I've done several weddings and 1 eulogy. I got a doctrate on Philosophy of Religion and I'm working on my Master of Shamanism. I'm not sure what I'll go for next.