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  1. Hello All! I really am not new here, I just haven't been here in a few years. I became so busy in my employee as a nurse care manager, that I truly did not have time for writing! But I think God allowed me to retire just so I could give Him my undivided attention. He has been teaching me and preparing me for a new career at this time in my life. That of providing a ministry in my own back yard. I turn 60 in November, and that same month I will be starting a ministry program here in my tiny hometown. It is deep in the mountains of WV. There are no stores or gas stations. And most roads in this area are unpaved. And few in this tiny valley between two huge mountains, attend a church. God has shown me a valley with wheat fields that are ripe to harvest. And I am to go into the fields and gather the workers. So, any and all advice is truly a blessing and welcome! As I said, I am about to turn 60. My husband is 10 years older than I, and also retired. We have 6 children Twyla, Chris, David, Deborah, Michael and Crystal. All except Crystal are married with children. And we are about to become grandparents again in November to a baby boy! This will be our 14th grandchild! We are so blessed! We moved here 1 year ago this month. My sister provided us with a home provided we would be caretakers of the early 1900's railroad depot that sits next door. We readily agreed, and are very proud to provide her with this service for our warm comfortable home! I became a ULC minister November 5, 2003. I then became a chaplain for the hospitals in my area in Atascosa County, Texas. It was a wonderful time for me! I saw people who were truly in need. Some had never heard how our Savior bled and died for us, and then was resurrected. I felt truly blessed to see many come to Christ! But I did not preach at that time. Preaching will be a new work for me. So please be praying for me to speak the Word that the Holy Spirit leads me to! I am honored to be in the presence of so many of so many of you! Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself! And I will be lurking around the various topics, so you never know where I will turn up! God bless you all! Rev. Cynthia Henry
  2. For my regular daily Bible study, I use a Scofield KJV, I like the references and notes. And when I need more, I use a parallel Bible which actually has 6 versions parallel, so that you can view them all at once. For understanding, I use Halley's Handbook, as well as a Strong's concordance. These are my fav's.
  3. Cool site with loads of info! Thanks for sharing! Peace,
  4. Yes, the degree is offered through a ULC approved site, known as the Seminary [i checked first to make sure the ULC HQ recognize it]. You can find it here. I have ordered from them, and they are quick and responsive, as is the site here. Peace & Blessings,
  5. Hi Mindy, The seminary offers a comparative religions master's for $75. I haven't done that yet, but it looks really good. One of the books I've studied so far has been "Religions of the World" by Lewis M. Hopfe and Mark R. Woodward. It's been very helpful for me. I think I got it on Half.com [you should be able to get it there for a little bit of nothing - yep, just checked and they have copies for as low as $1.45]. Hope this was helpful in some way. Peace & Blessings,
  6. This is perhaps one of the most revealing poems I have read in a long while. Keep up the excellent work. Very moving and expressive. Blessings & Peace,