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  1. Through my years I have had preachers try to predict the end of the world. All of them were wrong because they didn't understand what they were reading. People keeping looking in the US for the anti-christ and things to happen here. The way I understand the readings, the signs will come from the Middle East. So, scientists can predict all they want along with the news media. They were wrong about all of the other stuff. Naustridomus was proven wrong if you read his writings. I believe it boils down to wait and see. If it does, it does. If it don't, we keep right on going just like we
  2. Thanks Rev. Jim, Right now I am just trying to get stablized. Trying to find out what I need for the county clerk to get registered and if that is just good for the county or state. Thanks Rev. Bob
  3. I was ordained today. Why? Well about 30 years ago I was going to a small church where I didn't appreciate the pastor very much. He said and did things that I didn't agree with. I worked a summer job in a hospital and thought I had the calling to the ministry. I never followed through with it even though I had been saved and baptisted and the Lord was a part of my life. I went in the military and after that found a career as a firefighter. Through the years I became a very bitter man that was not happy and I was a loner. Recently, I was with my wife and her family at the bedside of he