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  1. Give the Anima/Animus a little more thought in relation to God. All things are possible are they not? Why would any human assume to know the totality of what God is or is not, or what "omnipotence" really means? "Omnipotence" (almighty), does not mean there are not opposites to His nature. It may very well be for all we know, that the two opposites (by whatever name one chooses to describe it) are elements that compose His "omnipotence." We see the example of this in "ALL" of His creation here on Earth and within us as well. Now you have to ask yourself why "omnipotence" would create things to
  2. We are taugth that Jesus had absolute power over evil, and that he knew no sin. This is true. But what are we to actually understand from this? What is "evil?" Jesus demonstrated that evil and sin are conditions of inharmony within us that are based on our lack of understanding of God's spiritual laws. Jesus also said, "What I do ye can do also." "Be ye perfect as your father in heaven is perfect." These words are all founded on principles of spiritual laws that humanity in general fail to comprehend. The effects of sin and evil cannot dominate where spiritual laws of life and harmony are clea
  3. Hello Fawzo. When I wrote "chaos", "evil", "neagtivitiy," I didn't expand on it to keep the post short. Anima.Animus is another way of wording it, which I'm in agreement with as well. But Anima/Animus does not limit itself to simple feminine/masculine characteristics as we identify. It goes much deeper than this. They are in reality forces, energies, that constantly struggle to maintain equillibrium between each other, and in so doing create influences and effects. And when we experience these effects, we give them labels according to how they affect us mentally, emotionally, and physiological
  4. Hello Fawzo & Dan54, I have a question to pose to both of you. Let me first preface with the following. In the Old Testament, we find that God is intolerent of anything opposing his will. God will even go so far as displaying great anger and destroy that which disagrees with Him. In the New Testament we find that Jesus presents a different God, one who is loving and patient. Jesus goes as far as stating to Sanhedrin opposition that hold to Old Testament Mosaic beliefs, "You are of your father the Devil." Then we look at the Old testament story of Job, and here we find ourselves reaing abo
  5. Although the originator of this post has left, according to some of you who replied to me, I may as well contribute my two cents also. I can understand where the thread originator was coming from. "Savedinchrist" was apparently taught as most Christians who have not been exposed to anything other than mainstream evangelical doctrine, which encourages to make converts. From his only post, it was apparent that he believed he was doing the right thing to help two Wiccans, which he believed were on the wrong path, to change their belief to agree with his own. He of course meant well. As I thought
  6. I find it interesting that "savedinchrist" has everyone here responding to each other. But where has the originator of the thread been since?
  7. Brother Michael Sky Thanks for your honest reply. If the OBE book you suggested, and Urantia, work for you, and you feel it is helping you make progress in the right direction, that's all that matters. Perhaps you'd like to share one of your OBE experiences that was of a spiritual nature, and one that presented difficulties for you during your learning journeys. Don't worry that others may or may not have had experiences of there own. I believe the majority of participants in this forum are familiar with what OBE is about in one way or another. After I read one of your shared choice experience
  8. Michael, you've answered the question without realizing that it contradicts your conclusions. By stating that "Psychology 101 shows that man's mind comes with a self fill bias," it would then logically follow that the Urantia book can only be a "book of truth" for one who is "bias" in favor of it, thereby leaving no room to discover any "self-evident truth" (Fawzo). Bias in any form is a cup already filled. Spiritually minded individuals don't generally open books like Urantia, or any other book, looking for lies, but rather for confirmation or learning something new that may contribute to exp
  9. Hello Brother Michael Sky, Many years ago, before the ULC website was revised and all posts were lost, I had a topic thread on OBE that became quite long. Have you per chance ever experienced OBE yourself by any chance? I'm supposing you've already read the book you recommend above; I haven't, because the best books on the topic have already been written in the past but are not on the market anymore, except for that of Robert Monroe's "Journeys Out of the Body" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Monroe ). What do you think about the possibility of OBE? And in what way do you believe "all t
  10. Hello mj606, I believe you misunderstood my point. In no way did I indicate that EC and Sadler were related. My point was that if one man, EC, had no problem allowing himself to be known, then why couldn't the person who is belieed to be the conhuit for Urantia do likewise? When I refered to EC's work as being authored by him, what I meant was that what EC received was attributed to his special gift and not actual authorship; I should have been more clear. With EC, it all began when he was a child, when he fell asleep on a book and woke up knowing the entire contents--page for page. But becomi
  11. Hello Brother Michael Sky & mj606 I agree that taking the Urantia Book at face value has merit. The contents of the book speak for itself. Aside of its merits, the issue of authorship makes for good conversation. Brother Michael, you mention Edgar Cayce, whose work I am very well acquainted with. I was a member of the A.R.E. ten years, between 1970's & 1980s. In the 1960's, E.C.s work was my first intensive study on alternative medicaine. I also took the course study on "Dream Interpretation" based on E.C.s method under Dr. Herbert Puryear of the A/R.E., for which I received certificat
  12. Brother Michael Sky, I know of the website you suggest above. Was there anything in particular you wanted me to check out for discussion purposes? There is also "The Urantia Book Fellowship": http://www.truthbook.com/index.cfm?linkID=13 Also: "The Urantia Book online: http://urantiabook.org/newbook/papers/index.html , and various other sources.
  13. I purchased the book and completed reading all 2,097 pages of it on September 1997. It took several months; lots pf patience, and lots to absorb if you take notes as I did. The entire book is impressively written and organized. Reading it, one gets a sense that the material was transmitted from somewhere else indeed. From the beginning, I found it iteresting that no one knows who actually wrote it. No name claimed authorship to it. A good portion relates to the uiverse, history of the planet, states names, and explains certain powers and spiritual forces at work, and speaks of God and Consciou
  14. When your bones begin making noises they never made before, and your sons and daughters think they are wiser than you are.
  15. Has anyone here had a dream or vision with the Buffalo in the past ten years? Vortex