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  1. XTC did hundreds of excellent songs, but you may know "Senses working overtime," "Mayor of Simpleton," "Dear God," "Senses working overtime," or "Thanks for Christmas," a song which is often played during christmas time, even though it's mocking Christmas...

    Elvis Costello? You never heard of him? Radio Radio, pump it up, Everyday I write the book? He's one of the greatest artists in the past 100 years...

    Devo is the best, and if you listen, almost all of their songs have a double meaning.

  2. Thanks for checking my song out... If you like it, please review it! :)

    Poundtastic? I'm not sure if that's a "goth" term or not...

    The funny thing is, my music, as I picture it, will sound like a cross between Elvis Costello and XTC, with some Devo thrown in... Unfortunately, it's just me that recorded that song and it's how it came out. I need to get a band together sometime and try recording some more upbeat songs...

  3. I got my first song "Swallow my soul" on Amazon. It's sort of a goth alternative track... Jesus & Mary Chain meets Ministry or something, though I had NO Intention on it coming out that way. It's actually an older song, recorded close to 10 years ago or something... Anyway, check it out! Just search the song title or Democritus AChE.

    I am recording an album, but none of the songs will sound anything like that song, and the band name won't be "Democritus AChE." I'm looking for more musicians before recording something though, as I did all of the stuff on the song above and don't believe I'm that good at guitar/bass/drums to do it period, let alone all by myself...

    P.S. Please don't review the song on whether you like me or not. It's atheist in lyrics, and if I were to visit a page with Christian lyrics from one of you, I would either not review it, or would review it with the quality of music. If "goth" or alternative is not your style, you won't like my song.

  4. The fact that people "find a lawyer immediately and sue" is a horrible testiment to our hyper-sensitive society, and that fact that we even have 'protected classes' of people is disgusting to me........but of course, my HR Director will never hear me make such utterances. All people


    ....Rest assured, that if you feel threatened in the workplace because you are an atheist, you would most certainly have recourse for harrassment despite atheism not being a legally protected class. You have every right to work in a respectful, harrassment-free workplace's the law.

    But more to the point: The fact that atheism isn't a "protected class" does not in ANY way equate to society's intolerance.

    We should NOT add every little group in the world to some 'protected class,' we should instead eliminate 'protected classes' altogether and treat all people the same.

    In a thread about getting/having/seeking tolerance, you precisely illustrate intolerance in your bigoted and sweeping judgement of Christians. It undermines your position, and so you may wish to re-think it and paint with a much, much smaller brush.

    No, there is no protection actually, look on the California state website which only lists certain classes as protected. I have spoke with attorney's and was told that I had no chance of wining a lawsuit, which was not frivolous in the least. That does not mean I believe we need protected classes either, this was about tolerance, as I don't believe in additional protection other than equal protection; as with hate crimes etc, which make no sense, a crime is a crime...

    Nothing was said about all Christians, but rather my experience with most Christians. Fair enough though, I will still use a lot of paint, but will try using a smaller brush next time! ;)

  5. I agree. I have always been 100% for affirmative action, and other topics. If some of you recall, some of my biggest arguements when I first joined this forum were in support of affirmative action. I changed this position after a few incidences which made me no longer feel it was an appropriate system.

    The point is, equality, with everything. No person should have less rights than another in our society; other than those that lose rights due to behavior (crime).

  6. I don't agree with the premise. Almost everything in our society is geared toward secularism.....government, media, edukation, the economy, technology, etc.... Just because some folks cannot relate to non-believers doesn't mean they are not getting their fair share of tolerance. Quite on the contrary.

    We are not a protected class, just as white males are not a protected class. If a boss makes an insulting statement about religion, or race, one could find a lawyer immediately and sue. When it comes to sexual harrassment from a mans position, or race, from a white mans position, or views, from an atheists position, there is no recourse for a hostile work environment as we are not part of a protected class. So again, there is less tolerance towards those who do not believe by all religions. Of course Christians don't tolerate anyone, not even other Christians, which is why they make distinctions always about what is a "real" Christian and what is not...

  7. I wonder how many atheists and agnostics there are in Congress. Right now I think "you people" are represented by a total number of 0 self proclaimed atheists. Isn't there something about taxation without representation?

    The atheists here seem to be a rather intelligent bunch. Does that mean since there are none in Congress that atheists are too smart to run fior office or that Congress is a few fries short of a happy meal?

    That's because politicans pander too much to what they believe is what the people want. We tried that in 2 elections, and dems lost. When Obama did not pander to the right, he won easily. Unfortunately, once these guys get in office, it's our job to remind them all why we put them there...

    Thank you by the way...

  8. We always talk about tolerance of religion on this forum, but the fact is, the majority of intolerance occurs to non-religious folks...

    Though we are the largest minority group, our lack of beliefs still is looked down upon. You can't mention someones ethnicity, or their religion, but it's okay to talk about someone who doesn't believe. The word atheist is hardly used by atheists; even me, who is very open and vocal about my opinions does not tell certain people I'm atheist because I know they will not accept me and it will cause hardship. For example, my wife's family is very religious, if they knew I was atheist, they would pressure her so much that it would put a strain on her relationship with them, and on us, so I'm forced to keep my mouth shut so she doesn't lose contact with her family, or our relationship is not strained...

    Why is this so-called tolerance not given to non-believers?

  9. What about Scientology, Islam, Etc? The point is, they believe something as well; it makes no sense to give credibility to any belief system that offers no credibility. It's not a matter of science versus religion, as the threat suggests, it's a matter of religion versus science.

    Religious folks are threatened by science, and scared of facts as it reduces their belief system to delusions, and in some cases, borderlines on schizophrenia.

    It's fine to have your "faith" but a fact is a fact, and if you disagree with science, please, I beg you to throw a sledge hammer up in the air and see how well gravity works. Or better yet, shut your computer off, sell your car, and live in a mountain somewhere in afghanistan since these are all products of science...

    You ever notice that the most religious among us tend to view other religions or belief systems as extreme, yet fail to see the extremism in their own religion?

    I'm rambling now, but hopefully I made a coherent point...

  10. No. They are not the same. Evolution is based on science. The evidence continues to accumulate. Creationism, by it's various names, is religion pretending to be science.

    Jonathan Lobl


    I have tried in many of posts, since the 10 years I've been on this site (I believe I was ordained June of 99 originally?) and no matter how much this point is argued, religious folks refuse to grasp the concept of fact, theory, etc..

  11. Creationism and evolution are two completely different theories, explaining two completely different concepts.

    Anyone with common sense understands that.

    Uh... No, Evolution is a theory, closer to a law, Creationism is a belief system; no theory or study on the matter; so they are not the same thing...

  12. I'm geeking over this film like no other!

    I'm really looking forward to it but I have a feeling it will either be the best episode of the series, or it will suck hardcore!

    They MUST show some sort of Luke & Leia seperated from their mother and their mother get killed, as discussed in Star Wars by Obi Won. That is the main part I am expecting and hoping on, if Lucas doesn't tie this knott, I will be totally disapointed!

    Also, they better explain why R2D2 and C3P0 doesn't have any memory in "A New Hope."

    As long as they tie those together and avoid making this a family film, I will love the movie!

    So, is anyone else geeking over this or what?