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  1. Nice combination of schizophrenic manifestation and Nag Hamadhi.
  2. I like what Robin Williams said about how to judge how bad a movie sucks. Suckiness == The amount of Helicopters X Car Rollovers!
  3. Thought the movie had a lot in common with dubya and the white house!
  4. Best movie on extreme Bi-Polar disorder with delusional schizophrenic tendencies ever made. Direct proof that with the right medications, even religious types can be cured!
  5. Neal Stephenson has just finished a Trilogy of historical novels set in the mid/late 1700's. Interesting stuff. Stephenson crossed over from Sci-Fi where he did some truly interesting stuff which (now that I think of it) referenced historical sources. Historic Novels (The Baroque Cycle, in 3 volumes) Quicksilver The Confusion The System of the World Sci-fi/Cyber Punk Snow Crash (which was my introduction to Summerian Myth/Legends) A Young Ladys Primer <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I really liked Snow Crash! I'm currently doing some light reading: p-adic Arakelov Number Theory, by Amnon Bess
  6. I started reading Tony Buzan's Mind Mapping which shows a new way to look at ourselves. I've also been enjoy audio books by Eckhart Tolle on the Power of Now! Zigzag
  7. B) I just started reading The Complete Idiots Guide to being Assertive! Zigzag
  8. B) Practical RDF [Resource Definition Framework] and RDF Junctures to XSLT. Zigzag