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  1. Nice combination of schizophrenic manifestation and Nag Hamadhi.
  2. I like what Robin Williams said about how to judge how bad a movie sucks. Suckiness == The amount of Helicopters X Car Rollovers!
  3. Thought the movie had a lot in common with dubya and the white house!
  4. Best movie on extreme Bi-Polar disorder with delusional schizophrenic tendencies ever made. Direct proof that with the right medications, even religious types can be cured!
  5. Neal Stephenson has just finished a Trilogy of historical novels set in the mid/late 1700's. Interesting stuff. Stephenson crossed over from Sci-Fi where he did some truly interesting stuff which (now that I think of it) referenced historical sources. Historic Novels (The Baroque Cycle, in 3 volumes) Quicksilver The Confusion The System of the World Sci-fi/Cyber Punk Snow Crash (which was my introduction to Summerian Myth/Legends) A Young Ladys Primer <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I really liked Snow Crash! I'm currently doing some light reading: p-adic Arakelov Number Theory, by Amnon Besser and Bloch-Kato Conjecture and Main Conjecture of Iwasawa Theory for Dirichlet Characters, by Annette Huber, Guido Kings as well as Historic similarities of Gallia Aquitania and the new European Union. Zigzag
  6. I started reading Tony Buzan's Mind Mapping which shows a new way to look at ourselves. I've also been enjoy audio books by Eckhart Tolle on the Power of Now! Zigzag
  7. B) I just started reading The Complete Idiots Guide to being Assertive! Zigzag
  8. B) Practical RDF [Resource Definition Framework] and RDF Junctures to XSLT. Zigzag