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  1. Welcome to the ULC-dot-net Forum! We're ever so glad that you decided to join us and we look forward to hearing about your particular Spiritual Journey. We hope you'll share your thoughts on whichever path you have chosen. Blessings of Peace, Al

  2. Hi Rev. Cam I purchased thru the ulc seminary site 2 books: Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage, and the follow on book: More Weddings...etc...which were very helpful From this site I purchased the Star Ministers Handbook and a second book that escapes my memory...I believe it's called the Pastors Companion...something like that...all 4 books have sections on prayers for healing and for the dying... The seminary site books are more nondenominational and interfaith...the Star Minister and Pastors book are Christian in orientation...Hope this helps Peace and Grace be unto You Rev. Michael
  3. Hello new minister here...product of a mixed marriage...devout catholic mother, spiritual southern methodist a child I could not attend my fathers families weddings, funerals because of church teaching...when I was an adult I asked my father why he converted to catholisism...his reply was after serving in north africa and the mediteranean theatre during WWII...he had found a good women...and wasn't going to let a trivial thing like religion keep him from marrying the woman he loved. I was raised an easter Christmas catholic, lost faith in the church, but not in God...and as for wom