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  1. Yes, that's exactly my point. It did seem magical, but for all the non-religious reasons I described. It's only now that I can examine the traditions that I, like many others, held so dear without question. And I don't like Christmas for a number of reasons, such as the ones I mentioned. I do worry about it because it's unavoidable in America - you can't escape the Christmas season. If you can, I'd like to know where it is and how to get there.
  2. Christmas used to be my favorite holiday. It was always the most magical time of year as a child - happy decorations, family fun, and of course presents from Santa. I waited for it all year and it seemed like it would never arrive. Now that I am older and jaded, Christmas just doesn't hold the same appeal. I have talked with many people about my problems with the current American traditions. Here are some of my primary problems: 1) It is a religious holiday, yet it is popularly accepted by most people, barring their faith in another religion; even then many folks still participate in gift-givi
  3. I checked out those two names and came up with some pretty bizarre stuff. The Law of Time website is pretty confusing to me, although extremely interesting. There's a lot more that I'd like to learn about from that site (especially since I discovered they are in southern Oregon). However, although the material was more accessible on David Wilcock's page Divine Cosmos something just seemed odd about it, or maybe something about the tiny text was off-putting, I don't know what.
  4. Someone posted an excerpt from the Book of Enoch, a gnostic text, and I had the opportunity to read about it in the Other Bible. Does anyone else have this book or read parts of it before? I've got a weird story about it myself. I purchased a used copy at Powell's but sold it back maybe 6 months ago, instantly regretting it after I did so. The other day I was talking to my best friend about it and decided to go get him a copy (I previously bought him an NIV bible that he really enjoys). When I went to the aisle to get it what did I see? The EXACT same copy I had sold on the shelf. It was disti
  5. Thank you for your kind words and prayers. They are truly appreciated more than words can say. Peace and blessings!
  6. When my girlfriend was working as a checker at a grocery store she would tell me that when it came up most people couldn't handle their total being $6.66, going so far as to grab some candy or something else from the "impulse buy" rack in the checkout. I guess that's good for Stop n Shop, bad for Satan! Honestly I think it's the significance that people ascribe to words, numbers, symbols, etc that make certain things so feared. Look at the name Damien - ever since the movie the Omen (which, coincidentally, they released a new installment on 6-6-06) many associate that name with "evil."
  7. My loving grandmother, Tata, died on March 25 2008. She was the closest person in my life and I miss her everyday. She was a kind, generous, beautiful lady who loved me with all of heart and did everything for my happiness. She faced many hardships in her life: born with only one kidney, suffering from lupus, cataracts, glaucoma, and anxiety, and the various trials that all people face through 84 years of life. Despite the challenges in her life she was always thankful to God for each day and I'm eternally grateful that her faith helped to shape my life. I thought it'd be nice to send out a di
  8. male prostitute who sold bootleg bon jovi CD's in the parking lot but instead found...