My Thoughts about the Fighting Shaolin Monk Video

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July 6, 2020

   First off, I will admit I knew little about the fighting style of the Shaolin Monks prior to this 


   I viewed “The Top Most Shocking Insane Shaolin Martial Monk Skills: Jaw-Dropping Skills” 
on YouTube to complete this assignment because the link attached to the lesson is now defunct. I 
discovered that within the practice of Shaolin Monk Kung Fu, there are 72 available skills to 
master; 36 available weapons to handle; and 2 animal movements to use.


   The video featured 10 of the 72 skills. The first of the 10 shown was The Inverse 
Handstand on One Index Finger; they train their fingers by finger-punching on trees. The 
second of the 10 was The Shattering of Glass with a Needle. The third of the 10 was The 
Impenetrable Skull which they develop by repeatedly hitting their skulls with a variety
of hard objects until their skulls are unable to be even penetrated by drills. The fourth is 
The Squatting on Two Pillars Supported by Poles. A stake is placed beneath the genitals and the
duration for this technique lasts for two hours. The fifth is known as Drunken Lila Skill; the 
monks feint drunkenness and hold onto their opponents and injury them. The sixth—Pricked by
Multiple Spears. The seventh of the 10 is The Making of the Abdominal Muscles into a
Suction Cup Able to Hold a Bowl. The eight—Lifting an Entire Table with Its Contents Solely
with the Teeth. The ninth of the 10 is Smashing Stacked Boulders Merely with the Palm of
One’s Hand. And lastly, The Smashing of Boulders Against the Head.


   What I believed to be humanly possible and impossible prior to this video did not change much
because I know fire-eaters, contortionists, Black Belts, et cetera.


   What did change after watching and studying this video is what I believed to be humanly
possible and impossible for me because I decided to safely attempt a few of these; video 
myself; post them to my Facebook page; and attempt to teach my supportive friends what I feel I 
learned from the Shaolin Monk Kung Fu YouTube video.


   I learned that when I told myself I could pick up a plate with my teeth on the first try and
succeed that I did so. I learned that when I told myself I could figure out my own version
of the Drunken Lila that I did. I learned that I could sit and stand up with a bowl atop my 
head when I told myself I was capable of doing such.


   I learned how much I have been holding myself back.


   I learned that The Law of Attraction is authentically powerful.




   Thank you for your time. Be well.


---Priestess Autumn Penn

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