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  1. • The Successs Principles by Jack Canfield3. It’s time to determine how you feel and what your life is like now as opposed to how it was when you first started the program. What was the most important thing you learned? What are you taking away with you? Has your life changed? If so, how? Please send an essay talking about what you learned, didn't learn, wish you'd learned, how it changed your life, etc. and send it to with your current mailing address (just to verify). Is this the Submission Letter, please and thank you? I am sorry to be a bother. And be
  2. August 30, 2020 I went into meditation to inquire as to if 2 of my friends were interested in Remote Healing. Both kindly blocked me. One feels her condition relieves her from the burden of having children in a violent world. Despite her condition being physically painful, she feels it gives her the advantage of the freedom of that worry. The other feels she is simply too old and there is no point. These experiences caused me to ask myself, "Where is my mind at with fully healing? We all as humans have something in need of healing so
  3. August 30, 2020 For the pendulum exercise, I did not have one; thus I followed Reverend Culbertson's advice to create a pendulum. I used items I had purchased for myself and that I felt had good energy. I know this sounds silly but I ended up creating 2 for this exercise: one from crafting supplies and another from jewelry I had not worn for a long time. I lit sage in seashells. I physically washed the textile items and allowed them to dry. I stood on the North-South line; took 3 deep breaths; swung the first pendulum made of a finger
  4. Psychometry Homework August 28, 2020 In regard to the art of Pyschometry, I was introduced to it by an older family member as a teenager when a boy in the neighborhood kept giving me gifts I felt awkward about & I wanted no part of. I was still a virgin and I knew something was wrong. This older family member was never really one to ever take up for me and I was quite shocked with his replies. He advised me to use my own wisdom accepting any gifts from any person because, "Some are traps and snares. Some objects are given to bribe you. Some are gi
  5. Social Etiquette Essay August 18, 2020 In regard to social etiquette, I feel there are areas in which I excel and there are areas in which I can improve. I am polite and considerate; I greet others with the proper terms of address. When it comes to the foundation of basic manners, I do well. I am not perfect but I am not a disturber of the peace. I have no behavioral problems that create chaos or discord with others. For the most part I am open-minded. I have been around a wide variety of people; thus, I have never judged anyone by what religion
  6. August 17, 2020 Well, I truly love this lesson of the course. I decided to try to design a She ra: Princess of Power headdress. I did not get the paint right. It was a bad paint for the job. I just used a cardboard box, poster paint, glitter nail polish, invisible tape, and a long-armed stapler to execute this design. Alright onward to my Pyschometry and Etiquette writings. May you be well and peace unto you. --Priestess Autumn Penn
  7. August 17, 2020 The first mandala is a coloring sheet I printed off from the internet and filled in with coloring pencils. The second mandala is my attempt at a self-created one. I did not have a compass so I used a roll of tape to trace around to form a circle; I used my box of colored pencils as a straight edge in lieu of a ruler. I was surprised at how much I preferred creating one as opposed to coloring in a pre-made one. I hope everyone has a great day. Peace unto you. ---Priestess Autumn Penn
  8. LOL and interesting. I appreciate you sharing these facts with me. I am now going to research Her. Ty so kindly for your input. May you be well.
  9. Seeing the Aura August 16, 2020 About 20 years or so ago, friends mentioned to me that a Unitarian Universalist church in the neighborhood had opened up; that it had a CUUPS (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) chapter; yoga classes; a drum circle; and meditation classes. I went; I loved it. I attended for some time. We had an open lesbian minister there. I never had a single problem with her ever. I did not know her well by any means but I respected her. Some held an uprising against her and she was actually brought against a type of church court to see
  10. Thank you for your input. I appreciate it and it is helpful. I hope you are faring well.
  11. While completing this assignment, I was surprised how much my feelings and thoughts re: colors are linked to the place I grew up; the crops my family grew there; the fauna & the flora I knew as a child & an adolescent; and, frankly; the people I have the most peace with and the people I have the most struggles with too. For example, many people associate the color pastel pink with a more positive vibe. I don't have that association. The earthen hues of pecans, hog-nose snakes, the pond, the hazel of my brother's eyes, chewing tobacco...these browns remind me of
  12. Altar Setup for August 3rd of 2020’s Full Moon I kept it simple yet nice. I use my windowsill each month so I can charge my talismans, amulets, and my hair feathers by the light of the moon overnight. Since I burned a ritual candle, I just stayed at my windowsill for the duration of my Full Moon Ritual for safety reasons. I have a sweet but hyper puggat dog named Snowy and the blinds in my windowsill are a fire hazard. I always have a ritual candle. This time around I lit sage for home cleansing because I learned about it in a prior lesson in this co
  13. Embracing Your Inner Child Exercise August 13, 2020 I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise. As far as toys are concerned, I gathered together a few kinds. A friend gave me his daughter’s box of abandoned Magic the Gathering cards when I mentioned I often regretted giving mine away. I hit the Halloween section at both The Family Dollar and CVS and found a skull bobble-head & small black light bulbs (never had any before). I am looking forward to decorating for Halloween this year. I am considering making homemade play-dough dough ornaments and preparing an easy homemade candy l
  14. Chakra Meditation Via Coloring August 7, 2020 Autumn Penn I chose two coloring projects for chakra alignment meditation. I found both to be helpful and enjoyable. 1 The Root Chakra (Red) My interpretation of a balanced Root chakra = Feeling grounded/experiencing financial stability/ being ‘rooted’ in place/having a healthy spine and proper posture. While meditating, what I determined I should do to better balance my RC = Stop ordering Doordash and stop buying expensive coffee. Otherwise, I am a successful budgeter. Additionally, I have time right now
  15. Telepathy Exercise with Shapes and Color Autumn Penn August 7, 2020 I finally completed this exercise; however, I had to bypass a few steps due to my friends either working too many hours or being underemployed and consequently emotionally overwhelmed due to the Covid right now. About two months ago, I posted on Facebook that I needed to complete this homework and thus I needed 2-3 willing participants. I explained that the exercise would be like the scene in the movie Ghostbusters I but without the flashcards and the electric shock if either party (the send