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  1. • The Successs Principles by Jack Canfield3. It’s time to determine how you feel and what your life is like now as opposed to how it was when you first started the program. What was the most important thing you learned? What are you taking away with you? Has your life changed? If so, how? Please send an essay talking about what you learned, didn't learn, wish you'd learned, how it changed your life, etc. and send it to with your current mailing address (just to verify). Is this the Submission Letter, please and thank you? I am sorry to be a bother. And be
  2. --My First Time Drying Sage-- I got my sage dried. It was an easier process than I had imagined. This is all the steps entailed. 1: I gathered the sage from my landlord's garden on the apartment grounds. 2: I thoroughly washed the sage. 3: I set the sage on a clean hand towel for about 8 hours. 4: I bound the sage together and hanged the sage from the rod for my delicate, air-dry clothing for approximately 2 weeks until dry. Now I intend to burn the sage in a beautiful seashell. Peace unto you. I ho
  3. II. The Clearing of People and of Places Via Music Research July 23, 2020 I am a Music Mage. Thus, I already have a ukulele; a digital keyboard; a wooden kazoo, a moon-shaped tambourine, a bronze ritual bell; and a simple frame drum. I decided to listen to YouTube samples of instruments I have always been curious about using but knew little about. I listened to sound samples of the following: the bullroarer; the 3-bell sistrum; the Conch Shell horn; ankle bells; and the tongue drum. I would like to try out most of these at some poin
  4. I. The Clearing of Places & of People with Sage July 23, 2020 I prepared homemade Sage Water for the very first time during the full moon. This is how I went about the process below. 1 Picked the Sage. 2 Cleaned the Sage. 3 Put it into a clean glass jar. 4 Covered it in water. 5 Sat it in my windowsill the night of the full moon (June’s full moon). 6 Allowed it to sit for 3 nights & 3 days. 7 Strained out the Sage. 8 Poured the Sage Water into a clean, new spray bottle. 9 Have allowed friends to use it to cleanse any objects the
  5. Of course, I decided I was not quite ready for the spiked pole beneath my genitals and sitting still for a duration of 2 hours. Maybe one day with practice, I will be. Thank you for your time. Peace and blessings. --Priestess Autumn Penn
  6. Video has a bit of static in the background. I apologize for that. Thank you for your time. Peace and blessings. --Priestess Autumn Penn
  7. July 14, 2020 The further one delves into Spirituality, Mysticism, and Psychology, the less accessible she becomes on a PERSONAL level to those not on those such paths. It is true what is said: "Deep souls need deep souls." --Priestess Autumn Penn (Autumn the Gray)
  8. July 14, 2020 Shamanic methods I have tried that I have had success with include the following: the recitation of pre-set mantras in Sankrit/Hebrew/Latin and self-created music in Spanish and my own self- created language (an idiosyncratic tongue) to calm others when they are scared or nervous; singing at wakes to calm the grieving; the usage of power animals as protective guardians; using tarot cards for meditations; dream interpretation of my own dreams to assist myself in self-betterment and dream interpretation to assist others; cloud divination; the use of my d
  9. July 6, 2020 First off, I will admit I knew little about the fighting style of the Shaolin Monks prior to this assignment. I viewed “The Top Most Shocking Insane Shaolin Martial Monk Skills: Jaw-Dropping Skills” on YouTube to complete this assignment because the link attached to the lesson is now defunct. I discovered that within the practice of Shaolin Monk Kung Fu, there are 72 available skills to master; 36 available weapons to handle; and 2 animal movements to use. The video featured 10 of the 72 skills. The first of the 10 shown was The I
  10. Yes, sir. I started with Wicca; but, then have been branching out into other traditions. What is Reiki like?
  11. July 23, 2020 Autumn Penn I attempted the blue sphere (blue bubble) as a protective barrier. I first tried to set it up, gradually, by building a blue shield atop me; a blue shield below me; a blue shield to the right of me; a blue shield to the left of me. Then, I visually added metal spikes on the outside of them. At that point, I mentally battled with the indecision of whether I should have outward facing mirrors set up inside or a black light to absorb any negativity (including my own anxiety). I sat in my black moon chair for what fe
  12. July 19, 2020 Autumn Penn Unfortunately, with everything happening in the world right now, I have not been able to find any friends free to act as the “receiver” or the “sender” for The Telepathy Exercises as of yet. However, my neighbor is willing to assist me next week. I am looking forward to these exercises. Peace and blessings to everyone. Thank you for your time. ---Priestess Autumn Penn