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For ministers who only do weddings and don't have a church; what type of legal contract do I need between the parties getting married and the Minister/Officiant doing the wedding? I see a lot of contracts; but they' re mostly concerned with using their own church and property; but nothing that I've seen is where a minister w/o a church has a binding contract with the wedding party.

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Having done about 200 weddings I have only used contracts about 5 times and only for couples who request them. Maybe that is a bad business practice on my part, but that is how I do it. I am a member of the AAWO Wedding Officiant Yahoo group and some on there have 5 page contracts and some don't use any. I can send you a copy of what I have if you would like but based on what I have heard on the Yahoo group, it is not all-inclusive as far as covering all contingencies.

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I can see the benefits behind a wedding contract. It will help protect both parties from fraudulent practices (though it isn’t a 100% guarantee). A contract detail what the couple should expect from you, such as if you will be at any rehearsal the couple may have, or if you will be at the reception in an official capacity such as blessing the meal.

A contract will also state what the fee they couple will be paying is, and if there are any additional fees such as travel if you are required to travel to a location outside of your normal area.

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