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My sanity unravels -

As I grasp the reins tight

I am pulled and something tears...

The soil is too fine, I desire dirt.

Broken glass from bat-shattered windows

comfort and lay a bed of want.

Howl louder than the wind

dry and lonely and breakable

tongues swiftly bleed this song.

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~ Hi Dabby! :wub:

... I don't know where that came from { well, I often don't, huh? ;) } I woke & there it was.

& now this. What is it about dirt lately? :dntknw:

Blinded by want...

I claw and find no fine soil here,

yet fill my mouth with this drifted dirt.

Tasting metal and stone

mixed with the salt of tears,

I taste my soul.

Hill shadows leap...

Clouds nor goats could find footing here,

yet I grasp on to this stone found.

Having known myself

I stay strong and here,

now I know.

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