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Tombstone of Care…

Weeping of sorrows for you there soon the echoes will become the care

Crashing to the ground are they like rain in mourning to your name

Tears falling from my face like autumn leaves from a tree's disgrace,

By the rivers side the tombstone standing nigh, waiting in the timeless air

In the mourning autumn mist, and dark rainless day it is still there.

Finding my way to get to you here, by the empty road, and long dark night,

Through a hollow tunnel, with no end visible in sight.

Feelings of remembering a lonely hand placed on my dark heart,

The blackness of your wings spreading there and taking to flight without a care,

Pain of this and common sense of that, have departed seeing the tombstone all in black.

Then comes the coolness of spring its breezes anointing the air and it is still standing there,

No remorse for the life once here, fleeting are you without a single moment or care.

I still stand and tears falling from my face like springtime showers that couldn't wait,

Wishes of mine also wanted you here, looking at the tombstone I knew you couldn’t be under there.

Sharing with you in all that I do, the seasons go by as I continue to decay and die inside.

Now the time of summer has come with the heat upon it there, the cracks of ages now appear

The laziness of the days and time at a slow pace in life I have come to bring you the wine,

I wonder why you had to leave, and cry again letting out the summer's love and sunshine in me

I try to see it with both calm and grace, but soon I am forced to look at my very face standing in that place.

While I'm still here, I do grieve knowing most of all you may not be able to catch me when I fall.

Little has changed my love winter at last, your tombstone is covered with snow and the year still passed,

I'm still here, sitting on the snow-covered grass, crying those ice sickle tears out in the snow waiting to pass

I have not let it go, I have not let it be, because my dearest you still mean everything tome,

The howling of the winds and the crackling of the cold, seem to sound like that of violins and solemn overtones of the funeral long ago.

Making it clear, making me see is what this winter is about, my love and has in store for me,

That my very soul that waits to see knows that you have always been and are still with me.

Now it comes tonight in my bed, I have left this mortal plight and now am dead.

I am with you forever now in our loves caressing light, and that was what I wished for all these many lonely nights.

There are but now the season of time to pass, years will go on and we are here forever love at last.

Standing by the river quiet and unseen are at last two tombstones as content as they wished to be.

© Mwyncoop 2008

All Rights Reserved

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