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  1. Okay folks, April 21 I am scheduled to perform my first wedding. I am looking for the perfect reading to fit the occasion. Basically, here's the situation. This is a wedding for two friends I have known since high school. Back then, I always said those two should get together, but they didn't. They always seemed to love each other, but for some reason they never both realized it until recently. They've tried to date before years ago, but it didn't work out. She went on to have a failed marriage with someone else, he joined the US Air Force and ended up hooking up with every girl in Japan, Australia and Germany. Neither of them are religious in the traditional sense (but aren't we all that way on this forum) but both are sensitive, decent people. Anyway, I'm looking for a reading that says "It's about damn time the two of you got together" but in a formal, profound type of way. Any direction anybody gives will be greatly appreciated.