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  • Birthday 09/13/1948

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    Phoenix, AZ 85031

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    Motivating People<br />Inspiring <br />Speaking<br />Facilitating Workshops and Discussion Groups<br />Reading<br />Writing, inspirational and motivational<br />Walking<br />People-Watching
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    Spiritual Seeker

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    Writer, Speaker, Motivator, Transcriptionist. Spiritual Leader
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My lifelong mission and passion on my journey is being a Co-worker with God and the Universe. My desire is to share with you, Soul, how to be Love, how to give Love and how to receive Love and then how to begin now to live and become what you’ve only dreamed of.

It is not my intent to “motivate” but rather to inspire, encourage and empower you to become motivated on your own unique journey with daily quotes and short true life stories, many taken from my personal experiences and from many years of journal entries. As a Divine Spark of the Creator my purpose is to enable you to claim your true inheritance, claim your freedom and to show you how you can raise your state of consciousness and develop an attitude of gratitude. Remember, “If you’re thinking of becoming perfect, there’s always one more step.” (Practice does make “permanent.”)

Through the practice of spiritual exercises and simple processes of thought and having an attitude of gratitude, I now live a love-filled life and love my life, and yes, I am living the life I love! You can too, if you think you can. Try it for yourself. It works for me. It can surely work for you too.

Please feel free to share the inspirational quotes, thoughts and stories with people you care about. If you experience any positive change in any way, I would love to hear about it. Change your attitude-change your life!

Brenda J. Crawford

Brenda J. Crawford