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    Druidry, philosophy, physics, history, politics.... I play dungeons and dragons, lol. So yes i am one of those nerds...I love to travel, and i like friendly discussion.
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  1. I love star wars books lol. They are simple entertainment, with a spiritual side if you wanna look at it, or you can simply ignore it and still have a good read. Of course, in the new jedi order series, the spiritual side of things is a lot larger than before, with the Vong lacking completely the force, and the debates between jedi of what actions should be taken.
  2. Just read the postman, by brinn, thats a lot different from the movie. I mean, the people are named similar, but other than that... most movies are somewhat different, but man, this had a completely different plot and everything.
  3. i just finished reading the new jedi order series, and the latest one by Zhan that seems to have nothing to do with it lol. On top of that, i also just finished the recluse saga, by modesit, again, and the eyes of god by John Marco. Now i am looking for something else to read, but its 2 am, and nothing is open, and i have read all the books i have too many times!!