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  1. Of course life isn't easy; people just don't help each other. I could easily produce 10x than what I'd need to survive but there isn't a point to do that when I only get paid enough to live off of. We can work together to out produce our needs and then give the leftovers to others in need. It's not fair being stronger than other people, yet weak to help them out. Not everyone is equal, some can produce less, some aren't as smart, there's so much varying factors involved that it's impossible to decipher what is best for this world. I do know that what we are currently doing is wrong because a large percentage of people are living in poverty sifting through our trash to produce goods when we can easily build factories or schools for them to thrive. It's not hard building a house; the problem is knowing how to build one and having the correct materials to do so.
  2. The Jonestown massacre was a suicide cult. What I'm describing is going headfirst into automation so we can reap the benefits of an easier life.
  3. Hello, my names Michael, I’m 27 years old and I’d like to try something a bit different than the standard church organization. We can do real good in this world if we organize ourselves properly. This thought would also bring all those who frequently attend church to build a much stronger bond by being a real part of the community. It would also likely bring in those either on the fence of joining or people who don't yet feel God. All I’m trying to do is improve the way we do things and church is just one of the avenues to do so. Imagine if everyday various sessions were held, community meals given full of cheap nutritional food grown and cooked by our local communities(perhaps even fellow members) yoga/a new style of physical fitness allowing for a healthier user base. Then there are the luxuries such as cars, housing and stuff. We could greatly improve every aspect of church to more than just attending sunday for “worship” because our faith in God is always, not just sunday and I think God would enjoy seeing us work together to improve not just our community but those less fortunate than us as well. We can produce more with less waste by being smart so we can help bring the rest of the world out of poverty. One step at a time. If you’d like to hear more or provide input to this thought process please contact me! I hope we can help out those around us without forcing our beliefs down their throat because that’s just wrong. We are just a shoulder people can lean on and if they so happen to choose to embrace God as we do, then we’ll support them with open arms regardless of their faith. I believe this way we can get more people to believe in God because we’ll be showing that we do, in fact, care. With automation becoming the norm(for some reason it’s not being pursued to keep people working), we need to change the way we conduct ourselves in order to keep our faith alive. Contact information If you contact me through these means I’m willing to exchange phone numbers in order for us to debate through live conversation. for google hangouts/docs/email on for text messages @macro_mx1 on twitter just because it's popular @_x_ on mastodon a cool new version of facebook that isn’t for profit