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  1. Often, particularly during public memorial services but also at weddings, we must create a sacred space without "Scaring the Mundanes". Ideally, they should be included if their subconscious allows their energy to interact. But sometimes it's just impractical to traditionally Cast a Circle, cut a door no one will cross, etc, before everyone arrives. I encountered this first at a memorial for my first teacher along the Pagan path. I knew she would want certain things invoked in her send-off. But I had to drive three hours to get to the memorial itself, so getting to the site bef
  2. I definitely think it's a matter of state law, and how they interpret this term on the form: "A person who is an officer of a religious organization and who is authorized by the organization to perform a marriage". Do they mean a corporate officer in an incorporated church? If you feel dedicated enough to the prison ministry, I know headquarters licenses congregations, in which you could incorporate and be an officer in the incorporated licenced congregation. Do they mean si
  3. I received my ordination in 1997, and was definitely confused by all the multiple sites out there now that I've moved to another state and was asked to officiate for some friends. Certainly none of the sites could find my old ordination information. All were offering "free" ordination, then charging for the piece of paper -- which in the old ULC I remember was not done (if you wanted to support the church you could by purchasing a calligraphic certificate, etc, but there was no official charge for anything actually required to register with states). I finally looked up the addr