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  1. Ceremonies and the Chaplaincy Since my Chaplaincy experience only pertains to the American Legion, I will list the ceremonies and events that I participate in with them. Meetings – I provide opening and closing prayer for cabinet and regular meetings. Funerals for veterans – We provide a ceremonial gun salute, flag folding ceremony and the next of kin is presented the flag and a Bible. Memorial Day – We actively participate in a local ceremony as honor guard but are rarely asked to speak. Independence Day – We participate in the local parade, leading the parade as color guard. Christmas celebration – We participate in a Christmas breakfast feast and one of the Chaplain provides the prayer and blessing for the meal. Christmas parade – We participate in the local parade, leading the parade as color guard. Marriage Policy If I decide to pursue providing marriage services at some time in my future, I will have very strict rules for whom I will provide my services. 1. I will schedule an initial meeting to discuss the couples desire to marry, any special requests for the ceremony and to share my policies regarding performing the ceremony. 2. I will perform a ceremony for one man marring one woman. 3. I will not perform a ceremony between same sex couples, a person and an animal, transgender couples, a person and an object or a person marrying them self. 4. No marriages will be performed for couples of incompatible religious beliefs. 5. No marriages will be performed for any “unequally yoked” couples. Both persons must be Christians. 6. No atheist, agnostic or non-Christian marriages will be performed. 7. All marriages performed will be standard Christian ceremonies. 8. Statements from the bride and groom as part of the ceremony will only be accepted if the statements have been reviewed by me. 9. I will require 5-7 counseling sessions that will include counseling and discussion. We will discuss: a. Abstinence prior to the marriage. b. Family dynamics, including socioeconomic compatibility, religious compatibility, and familial compatibility. c. Financial matters including jobs, bills, accounts, tithing and payment coordination. d. For previously married couples, a discussion of former spouse relations. e. For previously married couples with children, a discussion concerning child discipline and nurturing, with former spouse interaction dynamics. f. Biblical principal of monogamy in marriage class, counseling and discussion. g. Wedding planning meeting. 10. Scheduled rehearsal or rehearsals as needed. 11. The cost of my participation would be discussed, agreed upon and paid prior to the ceremony. 12. Post marriage counseling as requested, needed or required will be available free of charge for up to 6 sessions.