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  1. Thank You brother Kevin, I will get the guide you suggested and seriously consider and discuss with my wife the possibility of establishing a church with other like minded people. I am wondering if a "traveling church" would be something others might be interested in. I am just trying to establish a congregation that is inclusive of all and understanding that everyone has flaws and beliefs and should not be judged or condemned for having their personal beliefs. That in my opinion is the fundamental problem with religion today. As an example I was driving with a fellow employee and stopped to buy a paper that was distributed by a organization that was established to give the homeless an opportunity to buy the paper and resell it to earn an income. When I purchased the paper my fellow employee stated I was wrong because he would probably use the money for alcohol or drugs. I should mention that my fellow employee was from Mexico originally and I was getting prepared to vacation in Mexico soon. I asked him when I was in Mexico and children and vendors would come and ask me to buy flowers or chicolets etc. that I shouldn't buy one or donate to them and his reply was "no they really need the money for their families" I told him that I was disturbed by his statement and how he knew that the paper seller was going to use the money for alcohol or drugs. i told him that there were more than 3000 homeless here in the Nashville area and estimates are that over 50% of them are veterans with problems and who was I to judge them? The hypocrisy of his statement and opinion disturbed me greatly. I am just trying to establish some kind of ministry that wants to help ALL people facing hardship whether they are alcoholics, prostitutes, drug addicts or whatever. It is our intention to help everyone needing help without putting stipulations on our aid. Personally I am not of the Christian or any other established faith. I appreciate your quick response to my question and I certainly want to do our ministry legally and just want to get the facts as we are both retired and I am disabled. We were wondering if a traveling ministry was legal and if there is a way to not incur undue hardship and costs. Thanks again for your help Pastor Dave
  2. I am wanting to travel learning and spreading the word of acceptance to others using my motorhome and am wondering about any tax benefits or deductions I might be allowed. As I look at the state of our country I am very concerned as to the way some so called religious leaders are alienating certain groups of people and using their credentials preaching to influence their congregations to enact state and federal laws that in my opinion go against the teachings of the bible. I and my wife are both retired and want to travel and help the homeless and down trodden in our travels to support them and help them find resources to improve their lives. We are non denominational and don't wish to change anyones beliefs to ours but wish to do as Jesus said and help the poor and listen and to their problems and somehow comfort them. We have limited resources and want to give not take in these times we are facing. We don't really understand what we can do as far as possibly deducting some of our expenses such as mileage, fees, etc. as everything we can find seems to be for people in the ministry that are affiliated with a brick and mortar church or are employed by a established church as employees. Any help or discussions and suggestions will be appreciated and we hope to hear from others as to their experiences also. Thanks so much and we hope to hear from you