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    I like leading tours through the Honolulu Zoo and shopping around in thrift store and knick-knack store here in Honolulu.

    I am a former Iowa farmer and strong Patriotic American.
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    Atheist - former Baptist

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    Retired ARMY

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  1. Presented by a Catholic Priest sermon, be love, mercy and forgiveness. I think love and forgiveness are the same and mercy needs to be changed to educate, mercy implies I got something over on you - not equal. The Catholic Priest thought mercy means be nice. Are you nice?
  2. I see and hear language, I'm not a College Graduate, in Honolulu, I see many names and their spellings. People get nasty when you say the W wrong, most of the time one should say the W as a V sound in Hawaiian. I'm find it curious that W is not called double V. Hear and see around other examples and how people get hostile about saying OreGUN or OreGone. I fought for freedom and freespeach, too many cop an attitude if you are foriger and goo-up a pornunciation, freaks, right? hermanudics
  3. I still find more of the experience I find inspirational is around music, the above lectures are sure close but the whole presentations do not hold up and often have subtle contridictions. What have any of you Clergy found in your books or other media that holds up asoften and hard as you may inquire about things needing resolution in your spiritual experiences. Ramm Dass - 50, 60, 70 music - "any more survivors?"
  4. Mesmerism, a spin-off, Christian Science is where I'm educating from today in this thread. Here is the place my faith is going strong, my mind over matters. THE Power of Positive Thinking is mentioned in this text and Mesmerism as well. Here is an Amazon Book Dump... Occult America, do you have a favorite Ouija Board, Talismens or Spells or Incantations?
  5. 50's rhythm and blues guitar lesson book's+rhythm+and+blues+guitar+lesson+book&spell=1
  6. Party Time - Town Hall Party, Compton, CA
  7. I think these faces show a reincarnation of sorts, Collins Kid, '50's and Depeche Mode front man 2010.
  8. I'm get so happy on this stuff, If the Devil could only Sing 'n Dance like the Collins Kids sing Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen ( By Me, You Are Beautiful ), we could really party on Garth.