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  1. Forgive me for not being on in so long...been busy. Blessed Beltane!

  2. Blessed Beltane! I see you follow the Tuatha de Danann As do I. Hail Nature to Healing Powers for All. Blessed Be )O( }i{
  3. Everyone have a Blessed Yule )O(

  4. Samhain is nearing. Our new year is close upon us. I give Praise to Danu & Lugh, my Mother Goddess and Father God.

  5. Merry Meet! Interesting...I'm Celtic too. I practice "Backwoods Sorcery". Reiki is also part of my path...but more on the Shamanic side. I plan on posting a lot. Blessed Be )O(
  6. Actually, I belief that the Fae live in a dimension called "the Otherworld" in a place called "Fae Forrest". They don't operate on "electromagnetic light"...they operate on Pixie Dust!! Merry Meet! I don't quite know if it was a Faerie or another spirit. But it was a ball of blue light. It was amazing!! I also see moving objects in the sky all the time that aren't stars, planes, or helicopters. UFOs? Idk... LOL! I'm glad to see you have a sense of humor. That made me smile Namaste' Yes I even have names for them
  7. I've noticed a lot of people say "Pagans are quiet". My question is, why? We can come of of the broom closet now (:

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    2. PaganPeaceMaker


      LOL I didn't mean that literally. The phrase "coming out of the broom closet" means Pagans make known their beliefs & practices <3

    3. LeopardBoy


      I know, but not all pagans are witches, so the broom symbolism doesn't really ring true for everyone.

    4. PaganPeaceMaker


      True. But most Pagans that I know practice some sort of Magick. Idk what else I would say if I wasn't a Witch. Maybe I could say "I came out of the woods" or maybe "I came out form under the rock" lol

  8. "The Craft of the Wise" or simply "the Craft" refers to the healing methods, magickal systems, and way of life of those of the Old Ways. My preferred healing & magickal system is a combination of Wiccan Witchcraft, Kitchen witchcraft, Hoodoo, Power Doctoring, Native American Shamanism, Celtic Shamanism, Faerie Craft, Earth Magick, Huna, Astrology, Numerology, Dowsing & "White" Magick. I call this System of Magick "Backwoods Sorcery" (b/c I'm a Magician that lives in the boonies). My Way of Life combines Wicca, Shamanism, Druidry, Fairy Faith, Gnostic Christianity, Sacred Geometry, the