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  1. Thank you and God Bless You Thank You and I will everyone posted as long as she keeps fighting it is a long battle the doctors are saying. God Bless You
  2. Hello, My cousin's wife has been diagnosed with tetanus and is near the point of being on the ventilator. The CDC has said she has a 50/50 chance. Josh and Jazzy has been married for less than a year and Jazzy is in her early 20's. My cousin Josh is asking for prayers from anyone for a recovery. I am asking if you can take a minute and pray for my cousin and his wife that Jazzy can make a recovery. Thank you
  3. My cousins wife has tetanus. if you have a minute please pray for a recovery. The only thing my cousin is wanting at the moment is prayer for his wife of less than a year

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone