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    First and foremost My interest is my Family. Spending time with them.

    Criminal Justice... Currently a student.
    Finding and walking the right path for me... and hopefully helping others find theirs as well.

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  1. Very true... Thank you for your advice. it is very much appreciated. Now all I have to do is get ready for this wedding... Just a bit nervous, officiating my first ceremony.
  2. Just so I completely understand. I don't have to go into the Clerks office and register? But, I can if I want to have some fun with the clerk there? So, if I do decide to go ahead and go in and register, and I will also take a print out of the Federal Court order... Is there a cost for Registering? I'm really just nervous about this. Officiating my first wedding. I just don't want to mess it up.
  3. I have been ordained with the ULC since 2008... I have been asked to officiate my first wedding. I have not registered with the state. I need to know how I do that, and if possible about how much will it cost me?