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  1. 8 minutes ago, Diego_008 said:

    And when I suggest that "some people should know better",  I ASSUME I am speaking to persons of legal adult age, who I ASSUME (and perhaps such assumptions are unwise) have adult educations. There is little excuse to not have such. Ergo, as I am NOT speaking to children, the people to who I AM speaking should indeed "know better". It is as simple, and as logical, as that.

    This forum is for persons 13+ NOT an adult site!

  2. Ministers of religion and child-related work

    Child-related work for ministers of religion is defined more broadly than for everyone else. For ministers, child-related work is not limited to work involving direct contact with children; any contact with children is enough to trigger the requirement to get checked. For example, ministers who have children present in their congregation, or attend schools or children’s camps are required to hold a Check.

    The only time a minister does not require a Check is when any contact with children is occasional, and never a part of their normal duties. This might occur, for example, for ministers with purely administrative roles within a church’s bureaucracy.


  3. Just a simple question out of curiosity.

    As the Open Pulpit portion of this forum can not be replied to, then why does it show there is a certain number of replies? Where can one view these replies?

    The forum in question shows 0 (zero) replies, but shows the number of views on the line below.


    0 replies


    (every time someone goes to a topic the view count increases by 1)

  4. Leave the landscaping fabric in place. It will allow water to drain while still preventing the weeds from growing through. In the case of a small, raised plant bed it's probably preferable to the plastic sheeting suggested. Since plastic isn't breathable and can also potentially cause overheating problems it would be better suited if you were trying to prevent all plant growth, such as installing a stone walkway. Either way you'll still need to tend the plot to address wind/critter deposited seeds. You can't prevent weeds without destroying the environment for the plants you do want, but this can help stop any existing root systems from growing through the garden.

    The plastic is to be removed before making the garden,

    Sorry I mwasnt clear on that.

  5. Thanks ED! This seems like it could be a good idea! I have a couple questions though.... Do the borders need to be of a specific height? How deep do you pile the compost, soil, and manure (4", 6", 8"?) And if you are just applying manure etc. on top of the ground inside the borders, what keep the existing plants currently occupying the area (grass, weeds, etc.) from just popping through (but even healthier than before)? And would you mind sharing your site so I can browse through it?

    If You think this may be a problem line with several layers of newspaper first.It will break down into the garden.

    or if You really want to be sure cover with clear plastic, sealed down with soil or wood.

    it will kill everything with the heat.

    As for depth, it also depends on the root system of what You are growing.

    ie. if the roots are shallow less depth will be needed.

    Remember the material will break down and have less depth, unless You keep adding.


  6. No Dig Garden

    First sketch a plan of your proposed garden,you will need at least three sections if possible.

    Make them approximately 4ft.wide. using timber,bricks, pavers or specially designed edging at least 8" high,

    make your borders(one at atime if you wish) fill with compost, straw,or stable manure(with straw etc.)

    And a good sprinkling of Lime and Blood and Bone,at least one week before planting.

    (stable manure mixed with wood shavings should be left for at least six weeks).

    You do not dig this(except to recover underground crops such as potatoes)

    just add more material after harvest is finished. Rotate crops to avoid build up of disease.

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