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  1. I have been searching this site and others trying to find an answer to an important question for me. I became ordained for two reasons....one to perform weddings but more than that to do family and individual counseling. I need to know if my ordination allows me to counsel people other than religious. I am taking classes and trying to get my degree in psychology but it takes for ever. I have been helping people "solve" their issues for years. I mostly just lend an ear and do give some advice. I feel my calling is more of a life coach but I really want badly to do the counseling. Am I able to do this with my ordination from ULC? I want to start my own Native American based ministry. I was checking out the online store here, at the certificates but they don't really explain them well. I was thinking the S.O.U.L one is the one I should get. any advise would be appreciated. btw I'm in the state of Michigan and the laws are so unclear here.