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  1. I sometimes am affected by knee and hip pain. I have tried the normal joint meds available in the local pharmacy and none of them helped much. I will admit that they did help some. I was setting up a new online business when I became an affiliate with a natural remedy company. I found that they had a tablet called Joint Ease Plus. I found it to work much better than anything that I had ever tried before. Here is a link to the website Native Remedies. once there, search for the term "joint".
  2. I am asking for your prayers for two very seperate reasons. First, a very good family friend and her son is in need you all of our prayers. She pulled up stakes a few months ago and moved out of state with her future husband. Since the move, her future husband has returned to drinking and drug use. She is at a loss as to what to do. Stick it out or move back. The second request is for my family and myself. We have been going through some extremely rough times financially. Our son has needed several medications that are not covered by our insurance. Because of the high costs of the medication