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    Uk Law

    Hi guys. I have been reading over your posts and I was wondering what could we do in terms of establishing ourselves in the UK. I am new to the clergy however I am not new to spiritualism and the path I have vibrated to as is the same with us all. I started this thread with a view to discussing the formation -or maybe establishment is a more beneficial word- of a UK church I think it is important to bring in a physical aspect (a seminary) to the organisation to compliment the current format for us. I do believe there is a wonderful place for us here in Britain as is everywhere else, we need a good strong foundation and base for us to grow and be more accessible to those who want to access us. I do feel that we have a majority divided and distorted society which has some amazing diversity. We need to bring this about. Let me know how you see it but I think due to our traditions here it may be more difficult for our recognition. However as a collection of people and ministers with the love and support of our brothers and sisters across the pond and other places we can only move forward. I do feel we have a wonderful opportunity here. we are leading edge creators here lets create Love to you all
  2. Hey Guys, Fawzo- I have heard of the teachings of Seth and also of Theo, in the first Abraham book it gives a timeline as such as this is how jerry and Esther hicks (the co-authors) come across the concepts, they went to meet Jane but if I remember correctly she had died several years earlier, then after a short time they came across a lady named Sheila who's collection of spirits were known as Theo. I think in the near future I will have a read of Jane's books. Dan54- I agree the secret wasn't that great in some terms. I think the reason for that was (which I have now discovered) It seemed to miss vital segments and also I feel even though the secret touched on it I feel it missed the integral parts that the universe plays in it all. Brother Michael sky- I think your explanation of things is very good and explains the ideas very well. I appreciate greatly where you say about the time. It is something that I have struggled with (although at times it wasn't always clear that it was time I was struggling with)ha ha I can get very impatient, which I don't think is always such a bad thing as it can give me a kick start. When i first discovered these ideas I went into overdrive and tried everything straight away and came against a brick wall of my own making (invisible one though ) I have slowly begun to apply the laws as i perceive them to my everyday life and I have come across some absolutely delicious results. results that have shown me this works if i like it or not. Cheers for the lovely comments guys. I think my next stage would be to put these ideas on paper with regards my circumstances and maybe build an organisation with these foundations. I definitely feel with these Ideas we could support and help growth in all areas such as spiritually, financially and progression not just for individuals but also for the community (from the smallest to as big as you can think maybe even worldwide). I hope this can be delivered in a way that supports diversity and promotes equality and delivers ever growing love. Namaste peeps
  3. For several years I have looked externally for peace, spiritualism and well ultimately paradise. I as a young lad struggled massively with depression and feeling unworthy and like a victim all the time. I always had the mind that this wasn't everything, I was missing something. I grew up in a family where money was enough, I always had food and clothing etc.... however it was a very stressful environment and I grew up within a deprived area. Everywhere I turned it was clear that there wasn't enough, weather it be not enough money or not enough top brands or not enough time or not enough space or health any number of things. I always had the sense that what I was shown must be fake. I set off in search of the truth of it all. I couldn't find it and the more I looked the more and more disheartened and down I was getting. I read numerous books about all sorts of topics, how to get rich or how to be happy and so on and so forth. I then came across a book called the secret. I found this book to be a trigger as such. The book described ultimately how you can think anything into your experience, but I found even though it attempted show how to do that it for me missed the point. I had no doubt now that I was on a path that I wanted to be on. I recently came across a series of books written via spirit channelling. This is a concept whereby a person allows a spirit to pass information to them in a meditative state which is then translated if you like into physical words. The books describe a set of laws of the universe, these are collectively called the law of attraction, the science of creating and the art of allowing. The law states that like attracts like, which is true in everything, even in metals although opposite ends of magnetised metals attract to each other it has to be of the same material for this to happen. The teachings of Abraham go on to explain how the process works in the books. I think it best that Esther Hicks a co-author of the books explain the principles. The basic tenets of the teachings include that we create our own reality through our thoughts, that our emotions are constantly guiding us toward where we want to go, and that life is supposed to be fun. The essence of Abraham–Hicks' teachings since 1986 has been presented as follows: You are a physical extension of that which is non-physical. You are here in this body because you chose to be here. The basis of your life is freedom; the purpose of your life is joy. You are a creator; you create with your every thought. Anything that you can imagine is yours to be or do or have. You are choosing your creations as you are choosing your thoughts. The Universe adores you, for it knows your broadest intentions. Relax into your natural well-being. All is well. You are a creator of thoughtways on your unique path of joy. Actions to be taken and money to be exchanged are by-products of your focus on joy. You may appropriately depart your body without illness or pain. You cannot die; you are everlasting life. So to the reason for this thread. What are your thoughts?