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    My website for those who suffer unbearable emotional distress over the idea that God lets anyone suffer forever. It contains my testimony, my son’s tribute, many links, many writings, two forums, a guest book, a chart, and a web ring.

  2. MY FAVORITE BIBLE VERSE “Cast all your care upon Him (Jesus), for He cares for you. 1Peter 5:7 MY FAVORITE QUOTE OUTSIDE OF THE BIBLE “God’s purposes are so vast and glorious, beyond all guessing now, that when they are achieved and consummated, all our sufferings and sorrows of today, even the agonies that nearly break our faith, the disasters that well nigh overwhelm us, shall, seen from that fair country where God’s age long dreams come true, bulk as little as bulk now the pieces of a broken toy upon a nursery floor, over which, thinking that all our little world was in ruins, we cried ourselves to sleep.” Dr. Leslie Weatherhead MY WEBSITE A website for those who suffer unbearable emotional distress over the idea that God lets anyone suffer forever. It contains my testimony, my son’s tribute, many links, many writings, two forums, a guest book, a chart, and a web ring.
  3. RODGER TUTTS TESTIMONY I would like to tell you about both the negative and positive sides of my testimony in case it might be a help to other members, or surfers, or lurkers, of this forum who have, or are experiencing what I went through for similar reasons. I'm 71 years old, and had I known that evidence existed that a correctly (literally, not interpretively) translated Bible does not teach that anyone will suffer forever I never would have had a horrific twelve year nervous breakdown (1966-78) over my inability to love an endless-hell god. THE NEGATIVE SIDE OF MY TESTIMONY From my earliest memories of my childhood I was taught by my parents and Sunday School teachers and pastors that if I didn't believe the Bible is the word of God then God will throw me into hell fire after I died where I would suffer forever. These were the people on whom I relied to tell me the truth, and I was afraid not to believe them. If I had not been taught that about the Bible I am sure that I would have chosen to live out my life as an agnostic, rather than put my trust in a book that taught that there is a god who is going to sustain people alive in an inescapable state of suffering forever. I think that probably most of the agnosticism in this world is caused by people choosing to live out their lives as agnostics, rather than put their trust in a book that teaches such a god as the ETers (eternal tomentors) claim to love and worship. Many agnostics are decent people who try their best to be as good as they can be simply because they want to treat other people with love and respect, the same way that they would like to be treated too. But they would rather live out their life and die in the hope that they will find out that God is not like the eternal tormentors claim He is. This has become my attitude too. Were it not for the fact that I have discovered evidence that the Bible does not teach an ET god, then I too would rather live out my life as an agnostic and hope for the best after I die, rather than pretend to love and respect an eternal hell god. When I was seven my stepmother lit a fire in a beaker and said to me, "If you don't open your heart's door to Jesus and invite Him in, God is going to put you into a fire much bigger and hotter than that after you die and He will never ever let you get out of it. So in my heart I prayed the way she said that I had to. Awhile later she said it's obvious that you still are not saved because you are still such a bad boy. At that point in time I felt totally hopeless, and I was sure that God had given up on me. My Dad used to beat me with a bamboo cane repeatedly shouting "In Jesus Name, in Jesus Name," until the welts on my legs would bleed. He told me that it was easy to tell at an early age that I was going to go to hell. Then they both sent me away to a foster home because they could no longer cope with my bad behavior. My real mother had died giving birth to me. My Dad's second wife had died at child birth too but the child did not live either. So at the age of seven I became convinced that everyone had given up on me, including God. Later, at the age of 28 (I'm 71 now) I began a twelve year nervous breakdown over my inability to successfully emotionally cope with the idea that God lets any creature suffer forever. I was only able to recover by learning that there are no verses in the Bible that teach endless suffering in hell for anyone. See BIBLE THREATENINGS EXPLAINED John Wesley Hanson Bible Threatenings Explained THE POSITIVE SIDE OF MY TESTIMONY Now Im a Christian Biblical Universal Transformationist. Before you brush off my assertion by saying there is no such a thing, think about the following. MY TRIBUTE TO RAY PRINZING Ray Prinzing is my hero and mentor. His many writings can be Googled up and read online. Just type in Ray Prinzing. During my twelve year nervous breakdown (1966-78) caused by my inability to emotionally cope with the idea that God lets any creature suffer forever in hell, every morning, as I washed my familys dishes, I would listen to one of Ray Prinzings many tapes. I have listened to 178 of them several times, and 23 of them many times In addition to these tapes, I always read every issue of his periodical GOSPEL ECHOES which he later renamed LETTERS OF TRUTH and gleaned many pages of his writings into my personal journal. Many people have a hero, someone in their life that made a contribution to their welfare so significant that it is far above the influence that anyone else has had. Ray Prinzing is that hero to me. For several years my 97 year old dad called me from his nursing home each evening. Each time he called I read a portion of my over four thousand page journal to him, and many of these readings are the gleanings that I wrote from Ray Prinzings writings and tapes. Many nights my dad fell asleep listening to one of Rays tapes. As I listened to Rays tapes during my nervous breakdown (1966-78) I gradually became more and more sure that I was going to recover. The contents of his tapes gave me the courage, in 1978, to take a public stand that I believe that the Bible teaches universal transformation, not endless suffering in hell, or even annihilation. (Im 71 years old now) My panic attacks completely stopped. And now I spend most of my time offering people, in various ways, the information that helped me recover and helps me stayed recovered, and I am pleased to report that I have a lot of evidence that the info I post has helped, and is helping many other people in the same way that it helped me. Ray Prinzing has now passed on, but his influence is so wide spread that he will not be forgotten on this earth for many, many years, if ever. And that is a very good thing! J. Preston Eby was a good friend of Ray Prinzing. They frequently quoted each other in their writings. Read what J. Preston Eby wrote about this subject. Copy and paste into Google WILL JESUS TORTURE BILLIONS FOREVER? or click on The Law of Circularity: Will Jesus Torture Billions Forever? How Men Are Saved The entire series of fifteen chapters by J. Preston Eby on this subject can be accessed at Savior of the World Series His writing specifically on universal transformation is at The Restitution of All Things SEE ESPECIALLY THE VERY LAST PARAGRAPH IN THAT ARTICLE Like I said before, if I truly believed the Bible teaches eternal hell, I probably would choose to live out my life as an agnostic, hoping to find out after I die that God is not really like that. I would live my life trying to treat other people the way I would like to be treated by them and hope for the best after I die. I think the doctrine of endless hell is probably the primary reason why many decent people choose agnosticism or atheism rather than Christianity. Like President Abraham Lincoln said to the eternal-hell evangelist, "Your god is my devil." A TRIBUTE TO SEVERAL OF MY SPECIAL FRIENDS Fortunately for me I learned there are people like Ray Prinzing (my hero and mentor), and Ray's friend J. Preston Eby, and another friend of both of them, Canadian, George Hawtin, who see an infinitely different God in the Bible. The writings of all three of these men can be Googled up on the internet. IMO people like Ray and Preston and George know the real Jesus. KNOWING THE REAL JESUS By Rodger Tutt, in Toronto, Canada