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  1. I just want to share this experience or trial that I currently possesed. Whenever a preacher begins to talk about worry, I sense a pair of eyes staring at me. Without even turning my head.I know that my brother is looking at me to see if I am paying attention I hate to admit it but Im a worrier. A friend of mine said to me that i must dont feel worry about what will happen tommorow or worry about my family bacause God will provide. But it seems doesnt work.. Im still a worrier and an anxious person for nothing... any wise counsel about this?...
  2. a friend of mine was angry with someone at his workplace over a perceived injustice. A colleague listened to his grievance and sensed that his temper still ran high. He gave him a wise advise to consider before confronting these involved: "Cooler heads prevail". As we interact with each other. He was still angry and very mad and you know? He said he want to cursed his co-worker because his family has a knowledge in Wicca. What wise counsel can you share about this topic because it seems he dont understand what I am advising to him