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  • Birthday 05/19/1947

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    Married to Candi
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    Religion; Politics; Professional Acting; Real Estate; Old cars; Cooking; Santa Claus.
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    Universal Life Community Church, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

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    Actor; Business owner; Real Estate broker-developer-investor; Minister

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Divine Being (12/17)

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MOVIE TRIVIA: In the 1994 movie "Judicial Consent" starring Bonnie Bedalia and Dabney Coleman, I played the minister, saying the 23rd Psalm at the graveside funeral.

Years ago I registered at the Universal Life Church (Modesto) because I love the idea that every person is entitled to their own beliefs, and every person's idea about God is as valid as any other person's. I love the word, "Universal." I feel much freer having my own personal religion, that can change and grow as I mature and the years pass.

I joked to people that I was authorized to perform weddings. Then I was actually asked to perform one! I found that to be a rewarding experience. It was an honor to be a part of it.

Ceremonies are valuable because they mark important moments in our lives. Conducting a wedding, or a funeral, or a baptism, is worthwhile because it tells the participants and onlookers that life has meaning, and that some moments in our lives are important and special and should be commemorated.