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  1. I have only been ordained this past year, and while I conduct some business it is not currently providing a income. I hold a job as a supervisor for a logistics company that works with a Global company and shares some space. On two occasions I conducted Business as clergy before a shift and then went in to my shift still wearing my Collar (Friar Tuck Shirt from the ULC Store), I also continued well after work wearing the collar while conducting other non-clergy business and I enjoy the opportunities it affords (On the second occasions I had been stopped by a Man in a public restroom who asked me to pray with him). The first occurrence aligned with a Christmas party and Supposedly, A representative(s) from the Global company had issues the second time. One of my managers had asked me to not wear the collar to functions again after the first occurrence, but had only stated to use better judgment in the future at no time was I told blankly it was not allowed and Dress Code for the Company lists several exclusions but none apply. After the second occurrence I had received a "Written Disciplinary Warning" Stating it was inappropriate attire and further instances could result in termination. It should be noted that the local Dress code allows for T-shirts and Jeans for the shop floor and up to Dress Shirt/Slacks/Tie for the office personnel. Also while conducting the business of my employ was not preaching/counseling or any other duties beyond answer questions and referring anyone to consult me at the end of the day. I am looking for any advice or suggestions and apologize if it got a bit long.