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Hello all, I am Joseph D. Smith, and I am the autistic author and writer from Glasgow, KY USA. I am very spiritual, very intellectual, and very philosophical. Yet I may be a Spiritualist, a Voodooist, a New Ager, a Taoist, and a Discordian all tied-up in one, I consider myself to be solely a Universal Life Church adherent.

I believe that all are God, yet God also transcends all. This is called Panentheism. I believe, however that God is pure energy, and his energy flows through us as part of him, yet he becomes his own being simultanously. God created all spirits and all things, but it was gradual among millions of years apart. Spirits were created much faster.

In the afterlife, we lose our bodies, yet we keep our minds. We become pure energy and appear invisible, unless given enough energy to manifest. When our brains die, we lose all of our earthly pains, emotions, and woes, so we are actually in harmony, joy, and at peace. Spirit energy can be affected by our minds, and our energy that flows through our bodies.

All spirit-containing life, including humans and animals are all Gods in their own right, because we all have unlimited abilities, which are manipulated through magick, prayer, witchcraft, sorcery, meditation, and even chanting, and this isn't a complete list by any means.

God gave us all free-will, where he mentioned that nobody or no thing will be able to mess with it, even God himself. God is actuall more like a gender-neutral being, lacking a body, as pure energy, just to put that out there. So no being, not even demons like Satan, nor evil spirits can take over your body or your life. You do give power to demons though when you invite anything to come in to change your life, just as long as you didn't have to stay in the same situation. Be careful what you wish for, because when you invite 'Anything', out of all unlimited possibilities in life, throughout the Universe, and from the Spirit world, you will get A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G! Even your spirit guides can't interfere with your free-will, so you have to give them permission to read your mind and to give them the unlimited ability to fix you.

This is pretty much my personal philosophy.

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