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  1. I never doubted you, I just didn't have a copy to read until now.. that and my schedule has been crazy here til recently. Now I have to get back to The Driuds by Bellesford, and get back into my druid studies
  2. I just read, in about a day, The DaVinci Code In a word... W O W This was definitely a great read, and I'm glad I finally got a chance to read it. I liked it so much, that I bought my own copy (we had it on loan from the library).
  3. I've read some of the Eddings series... can't remember which ones, but I think it was the telarian and belgariad trilogies? Not bad, a good read for a rainy day as I recall. I have Peter Berresford's "The Druids" which I just received, and am going to start working on that.
  4. I have not read the book, but the movie Battlefield: Earth (John Travolta) was a C-minus at best. Stranger in a Strange Land - the book that probably is most recognizable as R.A.Heinlein.. a "modern day messiah" - boy born on Mars and raised by martians until found 20 years later and brought "home".. the term "Grok" and the phrase "Thou Art God" come from here. I'm current reading "The Fallon Blood" by Robert Jordan.. a historical fiction from just before the revolutionary war. I just got done reading the Brian Herbert books (the two trilogies he's written based on his father's Dune works, alt