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  1. My son, his new wife and 3 boys are living in Conroe, just outside of Houston. Barely married a few weeks, (I performed their ceremony August 9), in Indiana and they went back to Texas to live. They lost the rental home they were in and most of the items they owned but they came out of it just fine because they headed a little North until the storm was over. Their first big test as a family. Pray that they get through this and find a new home to live in somewhere around the Houston area. I feel helpless not being there to help but asking for your prayers and if anyone knows of someone that has a place in that area to rent, contact me and I will pass along their cell #. Forgive me if this is the wrong place to post this. Thank you..

  2. I was blessed with the task of officiating my son Matthew and my new beautiful daughter-in-law, Amanda's wedding yesterday! I have gained 3 wonderful grandsons and I could not be more happy right now! I know I have not been here for a few years but as of last year I have become a cancer survivor. I lost my left kidney and am monitored on a regular basis. Everyday is a blessing and a gift. If you knew my past, I have been given so many of these but I feel they are winding down now That is what makes each one of these so special.

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    Please keep my nephew in your prayers, he was in a terrible accident in which he was run over on the highway and has suffered injuries that I believe he will not recover from. he needs your prayers for a peaceful, painless passing please. His recovery from his injuries would be beyond cruel so I cannot ask for those prayers.

  4. I too have performed a few ceremonies in Indiana. No need to register anywhere, ( unless it is a county requirement). I myself, make it a practice to personally deliver the certificate back to the courthouse for registration. I also get a copy of it before leaving the courthouse with the date filed stamped on it. It is a requirement that the officiant keep a record in their files.

  5. post #27 was another person's opinion

    not Blackthorn's. There are many folks

    who do believe that the native American's

    were not the first American's. There are

    many theories out there each have a

    valid point. The Arctic Tundra from Russia

    to Canada was believed to be where the

    nomadic people first traveled from.

    The way I see it by placing the link to what someone else has said and adding nothing more, I see it as an implied post thus making it Blackthorns implied opinion. That is the way I would take it anyway.