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  1. Legal, legal for what ? you can preach, you can do funerals, baptise people , start a worship service and everything a preacher does everywhere except for weddings. Weddings is a government license that they control. And what church can or can't do weddings is a government issue, in the US a state issue

  2. There is a issue, I know here in GA even with a carry permit you are not allowed to carry a gun on to church property, ( simular to school property) ** I understand they were trying to change that last year.

    And not sure why you want to keep the guns on "church" property, do you think that gives them some extra level of protection ???

    But a felon can not even be with access to a gun. if for example a felons wife wanted to own one, it would have to be locked away in the house away from the felon

    so if you had one just laying around where the felon was within reach of it, it could make them in violation

    But if they have one in thier hands, even if unloaded, it is a crime.

    I have a family member who had a unloaded ( and it was rusted shut so you could not load it) and it was hanging on the wall. The local police turned it over to the Feds, and he is now doing five years for that gun on the wall

  3. yes, and "attaching" a business to your church may very well cause many problems unless it is church related. Also non related business for profit even if owned by a church can still be taxable.

    And if you take any money from it, you will owe money persoally since you are taking it as income.

  4. The issue I see is the religious reason, your church and it has to be a church reconised as such by the state, each state has its requirements, some require regular meetings and other requirements. It normally has to be part of the doctrine of that group.

    So if you have a group, and they teach this as such, then you should be covered, if this is merely a personal desire not to, and you wish to pretend it to be religious then it is another issue.

  5. sorry with a arrest warrant, or with a search warrant, the police may enter any place, including a church. At times because of news value or political interest they don't when it comes to illegals in large churches but in general unless you have the backing of a large denomination with denomination attorneys I would not try and stop the police.

  6. As long as the company restricts ALL other religious symbols and religious attire. They can not restrict your religious collar if they also allow religious clothing from other religions.

    But they can have a policy that will not allow religious clothing or embelms.

    This is common, I have worked at places where you could not wear crosses or other items

  7. You can use it, when you call yourself, introduce yourself and for any purpose as long as there is no fraud involved. But a religious name is not and does not take place legally in the US of your real name ( unless you want to go to court and do a legal name change) But you can use it as a business name, ie most movie stars, Little Richie is not a real name

    But for the POPE, I am sure he has someone else that signs the checks

  8. Of course this is the type of headlines they want, enough to make you go see what it is all about.

    I have heard it is going to be a great action film.

    And of course since the book it is based on is fiction, and the money is fiction, and no one has even seen it yet,

    alot of yahoo over nothing

  9. Has anyone seen it? What yall think about it? I am going with friends on Sunday and was wondering if it lives up to all the hype that surrounds it?

    Haven't seen it, don't plan to see it.

    Every Pastor I know recommends NOT seeing it, because supposedly it's about gay cowboys.

    Ummm......Yeah.......It is about gay cowboys........But it's more than that. It's not some sort of documentary on the lives of gay cowboys or something. It's a dramatic film, a movie, you know, a story? So what if there are gay characters? Would you stop coming into this forum if there were gay people here?

    I though it was sheep herders, not cowboys ( from the reviews)

  10. I am sorry if my comments and opinons hurt anyones feelings. I do not and did not intend it to be focused at any one person or individual group. I have as do many specific feelings and we feel offended also at many public displays of certain behavior.

    Most that know me, of course I am sorta loud mouth and always say what is on my mind but don't most of us.

    It is truely merely add money that caused the show to be cancelled, not the content ( expect for perhaps really poor acting) come on guys you that watched it,

    The other isse was the name, I think it really hurt the show. Alot of people who may have watched it for the show it was, did not because the name gave a appearance of a religious show. The name then also ofended the religios because of the naming.

    Combine that with poor PR at the start of the series. Did anyone see it really advertised that much.

  11. Of course it was not a small group of people that caused the show to go off the air, it was first it never got a good audience that continued to watch it, The advertisers did not see the show as a good investment.

    The fact is that the majority of people just did not want to or did not care to watch it. Look at shows like Howard Stern, and others who for years had advertisers and backing.

    The show was basicly not "dirty" enough for the one side to care to watch and not family enough for regular people to care to watch it.

    Keeping a show on TV is all about numbers how many are going to watch it, when a show does not have the numbers, advertisers will not back it. and add to that the fact that a large number ( not small number) of christians were going after the advertisers and it is merley numbers.

    And honestly can you really say that it was a good plot or even good acting. Honestly now.

    I never bocotted it myself, never wrote a letter on it, It should have been fairly obvoius from watching the second ( first show is always the best on bad shows) that it was doomed all by itself

    Also a better title could have helped, may have stopped some of the critics and may have brought more draw from the non religious areas

  12. Why would I ever be offended by what other people do in their own bedroom? I've never understood that.

    I do understand that many people like to use the Bible as a tool to discriminate aginst others. That goes for far more than just homosexuals.

    Other than those who misinterpret scripture, I know of no one who feel homosexuality is immoral.

    I would say that almost everyone thinks that homosexual activiy is immoral and against God's will.

    Most are getting scared to talk out about it, today since everyone wants to pretend to be politically correct.

    but when given the chance to vote on gay issues, it has been obvious that at least in America it is not an accepted conduct.

  13. First when you say, your house, and contract?

    Do you have a contract for deed, IE buying the house from the owner but deed not transfered till the amount is paid. This is a commom purchace method in many states.

    If this is the case, normally the home could not be sold to another without a clause showing your interest.

    You of course in that case should have had the contract for deed recorded at the court house so that it shows up on the house ( it would not have a clear deed with your contract on it) Your contract would act in many ways as a lien on the house, where it would have to be honored or bought out.

    Now if your "contract" is merely a rental or lease agreement, what does your actual lease say about these. In most states the new owner would be obligated to honor a lease ( but remember most leases can be broken)

    and he can also breach the contract even if there is one if he is willing to pay the penalities listed for breach.

    So I would say you need to 1. talk to the new owner about your concern. You may find there is nothing to worry about.

    2. if there is something to worry about, consult a local attorney.

    # not an attorney ( did go to law school) but not legal advice only giving perosnal opinion on what I would do in a simular situation.