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    Bachelor of Religious Studies

    Lesson 1--Bible Basics




    Create a list of arguments why the Bible reflects the true word of God the Almighty.

    There are many arguments that one could make in regards to the Bible being the Word of God. I will talk about prophecy.


    The prophecy that a Messiah (Jesus), would be born of a virgin in Bethlehem, and that he would come from the line of Abraham. The prophecies of Jesus stated that there would be a messenger sent to prepare the way for the Messiah. That the Messiah would be hated so much, that he would be crucified, and his hands, feet, and side would be pierced. Then in three days he would be raised from the dead.


    All of the prophecies about the Messiah, were fulfilled. And all of the authors verify each other’s writings as the Word of God. The authors were even united when they were willing to die for what they believed to be the Word of God.


    The fact that Jesus was raised from the dead shows the power of God. Because only one other person had been raised from the dead, and he was raised by Jesus through the power of God.


    Archeology has also uncovered evidence of the Bible. The Tel Dan Stele (900-850 BC) was an upright stone that was used as a monument for important events or achievement. Carved on the face of the one found was “House of David”. This proves that King David did exist. In 1990 in Jerusalem at a place called Peace Forest, they discovered a burial cave with 12 ossuaries. One of them was that of Cailaphas. He was the high presided that presided at the trial of Jesus.


    In Isaiah it states that the earth is round. Science has proved that to be true, and that of the gravitational field of the earth as stated in Job to be true.


    The Word of God has life changing power proven in the life of Saul, which was a persecutor of believers before he became a believer. Once he became a believer by the power of God, he became a minister of Jesus Christ. And his name was changed to Paul.


    The most powerful argument to me that the Bible is the Word of God, is the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


    Explain the difference between Translations and Paraphrases.

    Translations are the exact words that someone has said word for word.

    Paraphrases are when you use your own words to state what someone else said.