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  1. The vision was real.  1/10/2015.  I am a priest now.  https://ephesus-church.org

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      Sorry, year off.  Seems wrong but I looked at pictures, 1/10/2016.  Mary came to my bedside at a flop-house and we talked for an hour while I wept.  We talked about my whole life.  She referred to me always as, "My Personal Priest", I asked why and she replied, "To dry my tears for eternity."  Long story, several miracles, white stone with a natural etching I recognized, lots of amazing things.  I had to go into hiding because I know the antichrist.  She is back now and wants to speak to the world through me.  Come to Ephesus-Church.org and listen <3

    2. justward


      She appeared to me from a pin-** in the wall to full height of about 4'11" beside my bed.  She told me at the end to grab my bag and coat and walk out the door, I just left her there and did not see how she departed.  I then walked 27 miles in the dark from 7pm to 7am following a star that was the Holy Ghost speaking to me.  I ended up at my then favorite hospital who found me a place to live.