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  1. I became an ordained minister with ULC because I was simply "not welcome" in other religions. Why? because I asked to many questions and got in return, the standard "ye of little faith" answer. The fact is I have a great amount of faith in God, but none in man, as it should be. This is my salvation I'm talking about and I'm not going to just follow someone blindly. So I became a Minister so that I could help others see how important salvation is, and that churchs or other religious organizations have put to much effort in the rituals of thier faith and not enough effort in the faith itself. Man was not created for the church, but rather, thechurch was created for man. Since most of the rites and rituals that take place in our "modern" religions were absorbed from pegan religious practices, then it would be a safe estimate that only 40% of christian religious practicesin any given church are actually christian, and 60% is pagen. So in truth, I became a minster to teach about Christianity without useing any pagen influences. Taking the Christian faith back to the begining to when it was about God and Christ and the word of life.

    Reverend R. Daniel Rauch