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  1. ... Of course urination itself is not a profane act in itself. Everybody does that. But will you enter a church and urinate at the altar saying there can be nothing wron with that because urinating is natural?

    C'mon guys don't raise an issue for the sake of raising it.

    Good reply RS, but I was not raising an issue simply for the sake of raising it. I raised the issue because, in my opinion, it is germane to the thread trend.

    two somewhat related points strike me as curious, though.

    1) . Moses was told to remove his sandals because he trod on 'holy ground.' That tells me that human feet, designed and created by God, are more worthy to tread holy ground than sandals.

    2) . Now you suggest that urine, something God invented and designed the human body to produce, is somehow less worthy than a man-made altar. Who determined that a brick and mortar altar should be raised above ANY natural part of your humanity? Perhaps this may seem to border on a rediculous line of reasoning but there's a method to my madness and it is this;

    We are divine. We are of God. That is not to say we are individually infallible or we cannot commit crimes or be hateful or have any other human weekness. What it DOES mean is that we should be very careful about declaring any part of our natural design "profane" or "shameful."

    We do not require a church or an altar or even special "holy ground" to somehow sanctify or validate us. We do not require a church or clergy class to serve as a gateway to a direct son-like or daughter-like relationship with our father/mother creator. It is each man woman and child that sanctifies and makes a church worthy as a place of worship and not the other way around!

  2. ...They have their own respective usage in the spiritual dictionary...

    Where or what is this "spiritual dictionary"... more importantly, WHO wrote it and by whose authority?

    ... One cannot, for example, urinate on sacred ground. That would be a sacrilege.

    Says who? Last time I looked urination along with sex and a whole host of other natural functions are GOD MADE, not manmade. Where is the sacrilege? Why do people insist on calling profane that which GOD or nature has created? I do not claim every activity is appropriate for every time and place (sex in public or in front of the kids, for example) but why must humans pass judgement on things God caused to be a part of our lives?

    ... Urinating is an act intended to defle...
    Again, says WHO??

    I side with Fawso on this one... Didn't Moses need to 'take a leak?' in 40 days? Did Moses profane or commit sacrilege? What about Jesus himself?... did HE ever urinate, and in so doing did he defile the earth? Is not the ENTIRE EARTH sacred ground since it was created by God?

  3. .... Poking fun is not "making" fun of.

    no, the "game" you're playing is semantics and backpeddling. On the one hand you make dire predictions about 2012, then you claim the very Mayans you praise for their accuracy and foreknowledge never really predicted global catastrophy. Which is it? Can we get a straight answer from you?

    Oh, and before I forget, I'll RE-ask a question that you ignored earlier; You appear to put stock in the ancient Mayans predictive abilities... what OTHER predictions did the Mayans make that came true? ... I mean, what's their track record?

    Fun is just fun.

    Yes, you seem to be a barrel of fun, nestingwave. Why don't you invite 500 of your closest "fun" doomsday party animal friends and swap stories of your Marvel Comics-style psuedo scientific world view and have a great big block party!

    Hey, I might even change me screen name to "NESTINGWING." Love it.

    Yeah, I think it would be an upgrade to. :thumbu:

  4. Hi Rev. Allen -- another STAR LORD. Excellent. One in that position always has to retain a certain humility, of course.

    You are so informed about the matter that you do not even know when the Mayan Calendar ends? And yet you are able to judge the situation? I don't think so. Now, 2012 and all the implications surrounding it is definitely something which a Star Lord should find out about, since all of this is of a Galactic nature.

    Nestingwing, your tone betrays a certain frustration. Perhaps it is more important to you that others accept your viewpoint than you have let on.

    Your mocking of another member's screen name is disturbing, not to mention petty. Do you suppose that screen names are supposed to be personal descriptions? Are you a NESTINGWING? What exactly IS a nestingwing? Is it different than a flying wing? Maybe the name fits, though.... are you flighty or maybe just a birdbrain? With a nic like "nestingwing" I wouldn't go around making fun of others. (my apologies to the moderators)

    The present propaganda we are constantly being bombarded with called "global warming" being caused only by excessive CO2 in earth's atmosphere, is sheer nonsense which has been designed to obscure the magnitude of what is actually happening and is going to happen as these energies converge. At least its got everyone attention that something is going on and mankind needs to start now coordinating together as a team to face the coming emergency.

    Propaganda? PROPAGANDA!? It is curious that the VAST majority of the world's scientists regard global warming as a FACT, but where is the worldwide consensus amongst the scientific community that 2012 will bring any of the things you predict? As I have stated before, I am NOT an authority on the 2012 topic but I am surprised someone who appeared to me to be so lucid could possibly call global warming "propaganda!" Wow. You're not related to George W. Bush are you?

    The Mayans did not predict the "end of the world" as is now POPULARIZED by fear propaganda the "doomsday" false prophets.

    Honestly, nestingwing, I agree the Mayans didn't predict world catastrophy but many of YOUR comments give that impression. In this very post you talked of islands disappearing under the waves. You said the world needed to unite and prepare for this "emergency." That sounds a LOT like an end of the world scenario- for lots of people anyway! Granted, you didn't say it would be the end for EVERYBODY but certainly very extensive loss of life.

    Forgive me sir, but you are beginning to sound like a crazed doomsayer.... I hope I am wrong. :unsure:

  5. But if you have not studied these matters, how could you know? Most folks just believe whatever the social consensus tells them. That has been a BIG BIG problem on planet earth, eh?...

    True, very true, my friend. I do not pretend to KNOW, but niether do I accept blindly what I read or see on TV.

    ... You should spend more time reading the many references I give. Why? To inform and lessen stress...

    How does reading references that predict the end of life as we know it going to "lessen stress"??

    ...Better to know than not to know. And ... knowing AHEAD of time gives one time to mentally, spiritually and physically prepare...

    Agreed, in principle... but we are not talking about "knowing"... you are THEORIZING. I confess, it is somewhat unfair to put you in the place of persuading people who haven't done a tenth of your research and study of this topic. Honestly though, I simply am too busy living to worry too much about a cataclysmic event that may or may not happen AND that you admit there's nothing we can do to stop!

    ...I have no need to "convince" anyone of anything...

    Are you quite sure of that, nestingwave?

    ...What to do, what to do?

    Find out WHO and WHAT you are. Stay in the moment. Grow a garden. :thumbu:


    EXCELLENT advice, my friend!


  6. There is a great deal of denial concerning this present cosmic event.

    That we are in the midst of a huge cosmic energetic change there is no doubt...

    I appreciate your empassioned arguments here but I beg to differ... evidently there is considerable doubt. Although I myself am not educated in this area, it appears as though the scientific community at large is not in agreement with the conclusions you draw. You have studied these matters and I have not. You have me at a huge disadvantage there, nestingwave.

    ..but having said the above, may I ask you....

    IF these things are almost bound to happen to our planet (in the view of people who agree with you) exactly WHAT do you suggest we should all do about it? Assuming we cannot stop it, shouldn't we just live each day to the fullest? I wonder to myself, if time is so short, "why does he spend so much time writing these encyclopedic posts?"

    PLEASE TAKE NO OFFENSE nestingwave... I mean none. I simply wonder WHAT we are supposed to do about it all?

  7. Greetings once again 'Nestingwave'!

    I read your entire post. It struck me as coherant, passionate and benevolent. We see eye-to-eye on many things, my friend. That is to say, I agree with several of your statements - even if I reserve judgment on the conclusions drawn. Thank you for investing the time to write it!

    Whereas I still have not taken the time to investigate the whole 2012 issue well enough to have an informed opinion on the subject, I WILL begin to educate myself a bit more as best I can manage. I simply don't have the luxury of time or energy to make an exhaustive life study of it.

    Toward the end of this lengthy post, however, you wrote the following. With these words I agree wholeheartedly:

    Yep. :blink::wizard:

    ...My job it to INFLUENCE you toward peace, enlightenment, self awareness, hope and creative enthusiasm. Anyone can take it or leave it because we are ALL soverign integrals and have conscious CAUSAL CHOICE of willful intent.

    And we are learning how incredibly POWERFUL our focused vectored intentions can be. So, let us use that power wisely instead of ignorantly and foolishly as has so often been in the case in the past history of our world.

    And, in my view and the view of many, when properly put together, there is absolutely NOTHING TO FEAR and every reason to rejoice and be strenghened greatly by a burning new vision representing our deepest hopes and dreams.

    Be well....

  8. Hi Wizard,

    As I keep pointing out, NOT the "end of the world". That's "NOT." Yes, many people write sensational books and ignore facts.

    One man's "ordinary" is another man's "extraordinary." To a wiszrd even the most freaky thing might be "ordinary." heheheh.

    :rolleyes: Yes, the wizarding world is a strange and wonderful landscape that might appear both 'extraordinary' and "freaky!"... lol

    ...So, these changes are ALREADY taking place and are outwardly manifesting as world turmoil, economic collapse, confusion, but also, a new wave of creativity, thinking OUTSIDE the old box, new understanding and incredible scientific advance in the field of consciousness and energetics...

    Well, no one can deny the world is in turmoil as you describe. I suspect, however, that some people might debate what the world's condition MEANS. There are a whole variety of predictions I've heard that point to current events as 'signs' and portents.

    My response to your eloquent post is that, I niether believe NOR disbelieve at this juncture. I don't know enough about the subject yet.

    The mountains of scientific evidence from many sources should make it clear to anyone whose brain has not already become petrified that there is more to this than a supposition or sci-fi fantasy.

    I am not certain if you mean to say here that anyone who has seen the "mountains of scientific evidence" should come to the same conclusions you have, but I thank you for taking time to peak my curiosity a bit more! :thumbu:



    P.S. -- one thing for sure, 2012 will be nothing like 2001 or 1960. In fact, this year is nothing like last year unless one has been fully asleep and no wizard I know has been anything but fully awake.

    Thank you Bob. Namaste... 'The god in me honors the god in you'

  9. Hello all,

    I don't think anything out of the ordinary will happen in 2012 other than a spike in book sales about 2012! I say this not because I don't think it is possible for the world to end but because the track record for 'end of the world' predictions hasn't been very good over the past several thousand years. This is evidenced by the fact that we are in this forum talking about it!

    In my humble view it is wiser to reflect soberly on our own PERSONAL end of the world- when we individually pass on- and live each day accordingly.

  10. I have often wondered why music can have such a profound affect on our emotions.

    The music from The Ten Commandments when Moses (Charleton Heston) parts the Red Sea... electrifies my senses and inspires in me visions of glorious divinity.

    The theme from "Somewhere in Time," the movie starring Chris Reeves and Jane Seymore. It fills me with a sense of dignity and grandure.

    The theme from "Titanic"... and who can forget the theme from Romeo and Juliet?