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  1. Facets that shimmer

    with enlightening sight

    in so many directions...

    Too many are unseen by those blinded

    by only one light.

    Sooooooooo true and well said as always! Having a belief does not mean you need to be unseeing or unknowing of as many other "lights" as possible. All are available.......all one needs to do is open their eyes and ears and heart. The understanding comes........... :thumbu:

  2. The Battle

    There is war in every soul,

    Between light and darkness,

    And angels and demons battle there,

    Only one can bring honor…

    At first glance you’re flattered,

    By these winged warriors,

    Engaged in combat for your destiny,

    Or fate…

    Then you may realize,

    This is your fight, not theirs.

    Only you can choose the outcome,

    Only you can win or lose,

    Choose wisely.

    So true........the white god does everything possible to make humans believe in the divine battle for their souls, only until the humans realize......humans have free will. They don't have to choose the white.

  3. Dragon's Lie

    The dragon lives a dragon lie

    He sleeps upon his fattened hide.

    He waits in solitude of a mate no more

    but brings about the cheapest women of whom he can adore.

    Whence he cannot find the one, he shall turn to try and take

    the dark one's child of one.

    But he will miss and not reward,

    for that muscle bound demon child will be no more.

    In sorrow the dragon will cry.

    He had his delight in another of the dark one's demon child, of which he let slide by.

    Now the dragon beaten so deep, will continue until he leaps

    to the abyss and returns to the black of the blackest deep.

    Dragons rant and dragons rage, but soon the dragon will be gone,

    forever to be erased and seen by none.

    He will be forgotten and will be mislead

    For the dark one claimed him no more than the dragon had thoughts in his head...