I am currently in a toxic marriage of 11 years and I don’t know what do to. I love my wife and kids beyond everything else in the world and I put in everything I had to make her happy. She doesn’t communicate with me at all and we would get into tiffs every now and then, because she would immediately get defensive and wouldn’t listen to how I felt. Because of this, I would leave the conversation or try to share my feelings, which made things worse. Then she basically complained to her friends behind my back over the phone to get reassurance of her feelings, instead of working through them. As she went up the corporate ladder and made friends, she distanced herself from me and as I worked to take care of the kids/house/ dinner every day (giving her whatever space she wanted) – I apparently lost her. I know this seems biased since it is one sided, but I honestly love her so much and I need God’s help to get through this. I was raised Catholic and I don’t believe in divorce, plus I was ordained through this church many moons ago. My wife does not attend church and it pains me that she said “I don’t want to be married” like it was just a normal comment. My heart dropped and I haven’t slept more than an hour a night for the past week…I even explained my feelings and accepting blame, bawling of course, but she didn’t even cry once or lose sleep. Writing this, I understand it is too late and I should let it go, but I love her and I truly believe things could be worked out. Please send a prayer to help me through this. Thank you so much.

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