1 timothy 2:1&2..Dear Lord in Heaven, thank You for the gift of ingenuity. Thank You for the ability to use our natural resources to generate power and energy to help us in our daily lives. Thank You also for the ability to use those resources to aid in our protection. You have given the scientists and physicists at the nation’s Nuclear Security Administration the immense responsibility of safeguarding national security through our military’s application of nuclear science. They also maintain and enhance the safety, security, and effectiveness of our nuclear weapons stockpile without having to test with nuclear explosions. They keep an eye out on the global danger from weapons of mass destruction, with an eye toward non-proliferation. We pray for them as they work with the U.S. Navy and any other military forces to ensure safe and reliable nuclear propulsion plants, like those found on ships and submarines. Thank You for giving them the understanding they need. Guide the leaders of this agency as they work to keep the nation safe and provide for the American people.

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