I am so grateful and thankful that I may breathe and live to write this message of gratitude, I am grateful That I am able to spread the word of our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY very easily with the touch of my finger tips on social media and being able to spread it to thousands and even millions of people very easily with out having to do what People of past had to do to spread the word of God and to bring people into the light of the lord. I am so thankful and grateful I get to go to such a great school and have very good teachers and I am so thankful for my family especially my mom for she has BLESSED me with such a good childhood and a happy one at that for she did not have the same I am so thankful and grateful for having people to keep me fed happy and clean, I am so happy and grateful to serve a GOD who’s only existence is to love YOU, I am so Greatful to have money in my pocket that I can use to buy stuff and donate with I am so thankful I get to live in a safe clean area for I know many people don’t have the same luxury and blessing as I do for I pray that they may be blessed by God, I am also grateful for having a freind that has always been with me and has never left me. THANK YOU LORD!

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