Dear Friends,
I am thankful for my recent ordination through ULC. I received my wallet ID and Doctor of Divinity Wallet size diploma, perfect. I carry them with me always knowing that I have the proper credentials to verify the ministry that God has me do for him daily as I seek to minister to the needs of friends, and family members.

Also, I enrolled in the Seminary program called The Master of Historical Jesus lectures by Dr. Morris. So far, it has been refreshing to study the authenticity of the gospels and the origins of the Q source in relation to how the redactor reflected their thoughts in composing Luke and Matthew’s Gospel. I am half way through the study lectures and looking forward to receiving my diploma after the written final exam essay.

There are several other courses I would like to take and proud to be a member of the ULC family of God world-wide.

In Kind Regards,

Dr. Craig Lantz


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