Today, I was on Twitter when suddenly, a search auto-populated for some adult content.

What I saw was not safe for work. I quit all adult content about 9 months ago and I want to continue living a pure lifestyle.

Please pray that these images are erased from my mind, along with the emotions and temptation attached to them – so that I can continue to purify my life in search of the Divine. If you wish, you can also pray the following prayer along with me:

I pray that all women throughout the world would be seen as people first, respected for their spiritual qualities, and free from the clutches of lust. I pray for their spiritual freedom and inner peace, that they would experience serenity and blessings in every area of their lives.

I pray that they would be given ample employment opportunities that are not in the adult industry, and are also independent of their appearances, and that those opportunities would be equal to their male counterparts. I pray that a sense of clarity and independence would pervade their days, allowing them to be free from games in dating and business.

In short, I pray for their overall wellbeing, as well as the joy and freedom of the Divine which is their inherent birthright. Amen.

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