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O God come to our assistance.
O Lord make haste to help us.
O Lord hear our prayer.
And let our cry come unto Thee.


O LORD , the great Almighty God, who quickenest the dead , and callest those things that are not, as if they were! there is nothing impossible with Thee: but the things that resist all the skill and power of man, are (with the greatest facility) brought to pass by Thine almighty arm.

Thou, the living God, canst speak life to souls. that are dead in trespasses and sins; and canst make even such as lie in the grave of their habitual corruptions, to hear the voice of the Son of God, and live.
It is the great work of Thy eternal Spirit, O Lord, to convince the world of sin; and to make inconsiderate careless sinners to know themselves, and be concerned, as they ought, about the welfare of their souls . O that these poor insensible creatures, who have sinned ’till their consciences are seared and past feeling, may find mercy from the Lord, and may yet come to feel in themselves the irresistible power of Thy grace!

O that Thou wouldst open their eyes, to see their case; and soften their hearts, to bewail their sins; and turn their course, that they may flee from the wrath to come!
Blessed Lord, awaken them with Thy terrors, before they be overtaken by Thy judgments!
O break in upon their souls by Thy mighty convictions, to bring them into bitterness for their sins; and let Thy quick and powerful word pierce their hearts, to make them inquire in earnest, what they must do to be saved .
From Prayer Book

Lenten Season 2021

Western and Eastern Civilization Mourning Our Sinfulness Continues

Bishop Fulton Sheen
Gregorian Chant

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