Please help me pray for my niece and her 3 little girls – 8, 9, and 14 years old.
The mother is playing VERY nasty music in front of them. The children and I are really close, and they confide in me. I recently led the 2 youngest girls to the Lord, and they were baptized. The youngest has talked to me about wanting to get away from this music. The mother has given up her faith in the Lord (I don’t believe she has ever really been saved). She acts like she’s going off of the deep end. My niece is planning to move the family to a little west Texas town in the middle of nowhere – where they know nobody – to get away from everybody they know. They will NOT be in church. At least the mother is allowing the girls to go to church here in central Texas. They need this church here in central Texas, and my continued guidance. Thank you for your help in prayer.

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