John 6: 18-20

Jesus showed us that no matter what we are going through in our daily lives, we must have courage, faith, and believe in him and God who sent him. These verses talks about the disciples on the ship and a storm arose, the wind blew, the sky got dark, the diciples were very afraid, not knowing what to do.

When the disciples saw a figure out in the darkness they didn’t know what to do; until Jesus said “it is I”. Sometimes, when in our lives we are face with many important decisions that we don’t know what to do, Jesus is saying take your time, pray and talk to him, it is he that you need to concentrate on put your burdens on him. When you face hardship, the lord said to fellowship and call on him, when your on the job, and you feel something is wrong, pray. When you pray we follow his word the bible. When we are on the job, we follow protocol policy and procedures, Jesus will make a way for you!!!

Courage is not easy for us especially if we are timid or passive, sometimes we let others make decisions for us, Jesus is saying to us the same he said to Peter, when he tried to walk on water toward the lord and he started to sink. Peter saw the darkness of the sea, the swells of the waves, he herd the crashing and roars of the ocean, he was not concentrating on Jesus. In our lives we concentrate on trouble, gossip, problems, bills, negativity, sickness, take the courage and place your heart on him our holy redeemer Jesus!!!!

He loves you!!!!! and so do I !

Senior Chaplain Melaney

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